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Round Shoelaces 28" - 120" / 70-300 cm

Round shoelaces are available in three different categories as far as our selection is concerned. We have 0,12 inch round shoelaces, 0,16 inch round shoelaces, and 0,16 inch round shoelaces with metal tips. All of them are sorted out in one filtered category below, so you can take a closer look.

Round 0,12 inch waxed shoelaces are ideal to wear with classic shoes, such as patented and leather shoes. However, the 0,16 inch widths can be used for running shoes or sneakers, since the material used to make all of these laces are durable and strong enough to withstand rough environments.

Since the round shoelaces below originally belong to their own categories, you will find out that they have different length variations you could choose from, depending on the number of eyelets your shoes have. We have extra long shoelaces for boots and shorter ones for regular shoes. As for the colors of the laces, you’d be most safe to buy a contrasting color in relation to the color of your shoes. If you have light-colored shoes, you should buy darker shoelaces, and vice versa. You’ll never go wrong with black or white since they practically blend with any other color, but colorful shoelaces are also trending right now.

Now, fans of round shoelaces may have a hard time choosing one pair to buy from the wide selection we have below, and so we are pleased to announce that you can enjoy discounted prices when you buy more than one pair of shoelaces to buy! This is a plus, since all of our shoelaces are offered at very affordable prices, anyway.

Go give your fine shoes and maybe even your running shoes a brand new look by getting some pairs from the round shoelaces assortment below!