Brighten up Your Shoes with Yellow Laces

As someone who is head over heels in love with the colour yellow, I must say I find it quite distressing how difficult it is to chance upon a pair of yellow shoes that does not look ridiculous. To add to that, I cannot remember ever seeing a decent pair of shoes that has yellow laces on them. Most shoe manufacturers offer their new pairs of shoes with the dullest colours, perhaps so that onlookers could focus on how the shoes look. However, for fashion savvy people out there, wearing dull or neutral laces would just not work.

So, for all those yellow lovers out there like me, I am very excited to introduce to you Feetunique’s selection of yellow laces. Now, there’s no more running out of options since we have yellow strings designed for almost all types of shoes and sneakers. The range is also quite good, if I must say so myself, since we have shades from the lightest of yellow shoelaces to neon yellow ones, and even gradient, and glow in the dark ones. There are other options; it’s up to you which pair suits your preference the most.

However, you have to take note that the colour yellow can be very overwhelming, so you shouldn’t wear it in large volumes. Actually, small accessories such as watches and shoelaces are the best ways to don them without looking overbearing. And since we offer our yellow laces in different shades, it is very important that you learn how to play up these shades. Not to worry, though, since our trick is quite simple anyway.

You just have to learn how to wear contrasts in order to highlight important pieces in your outfit. For instance, our lighter tones such as our neon yellow laces or our glow in the dark ones look appealing when paired with dark shoes (preferably black ones,) while the brighter pairs such as our extra wide yellow shoestrings and our oval yellow laces would definitely stand out against shoes that are lighter in colour.

Since yellow is a bright colour that signifies youth and energy, you can simply let it be the highlight of your whole outfit. It means that you can wear all-dark colours in your top and jeans so that your brand new yellow shoelaces could get the undivided attention it deserves. Just let them light up your outfit, literally!

See, this is the good thing about investing in shoelaces. It does not matter how few your pairs of shoes are. Just as long as you have a number of shoelaces to play around with, you will never look boring! You should really get into the habit of shopping for shoelaces since they are the much more affordable alternative to shopping for shoes. As fashionistas, we must never settle for the dull shoelaces we get when we buy new shoes. They’re good for maybe a week or two, but beyond that, it just calls for a little reinvention to look new again.

And if you have old pairs of shoes in your house, there’s no better way to brighten them up than to give them a new look with one or more pairs of our yellow laces. You can be assured that these laces do not only look dashing, but they are also a sound investment because they are very sturdy and durable. This is because Feetunique, like you, never settles for anything less than the best. The raw materials are top-of-the-line, so even if there are more affordable pairs of shoelaces out there, ours surely have the edge in terms of quality.

Also, note that we consider all possible differences in preference with our wide selections. We offer our yellow laces in different widths, because we realize that widths actually factor in the overall look of your footwear. For instance, thinner shoelaces are usually designed for classic and formal shoes. On the other hand, the wider ones are usually for casual and party shoes. The laces have differences even in shape!

We have flat ones since this would surely look good with sneakers and other sporty shoes, while the oval ones are usually fancied by those who own classic shoes. Also consider the varied lengths of our yellow shoestrings. You should choose lengths depending on the number of eyelets (holes) your shoes have. This way you can make sure to get laces that are neither too short nor too long, since that would cause your overall footwear to look shabby.

If you haven’t gone into the habit of shoelace-shopping yet, we suggest you look into our selection of yellow laces. See, any one of these pairs could surely brighten up and freshen up the look of even your oldest pair of sneakers at home!