Brown Round Shoelaces and What They Go With

There are many shoelaces out there in the market, different colors, styles, shapes, lengths and purposes. To be honest, at first I do not really know why I should buy other shoelaces. I mean my shoes already have one, right? The manufacturers placed those laces there in the first place; therefore it must be the right type for the shoe. But a friend of mine told me that I can play around with those shoelaces and make my shoes more fashionable and attractive.

I discovered that I really can and then started my wide collection of shoelaces — for different shoes that have different functions. You know what, for only a single pair of shoes I have a dozen pairs of shoelaces to pair it with! It is so fun to combine and experiment with colors and what will suit my shoe.

It actually even develops my imagination and creativity! I get to mix up different types of laces and make a unique style that I can call as my own. It makes the shoes that I wear stand out from the rest! I mean even my friends notice my shoelaces and then they are even asking me to make some for them. What I do is I teach them how to do it and it becomes our bonding session as friends.

Now, the type of shoelace that I will tell you about, right now are the brown round shoelaces. Well, these laces may appear dull and unappealing to you because of the color; but allow me to change that first impression of yours. Brown round shoelaces can actually be fashionable and appealing too you know? So don’t dismiss them just like that. Let’s get started shall we?

What we will be doing first is to evaluate the functionality of brown round shoelaces. So let us look at what type of shoelace it is – it is a round shoelace. If you have been reading about shoelaces for a while now, you will know that it is very handy and very easy to use. For the sake of those who are new in the shoelace business, here are the things that make the round shoelaces very handy and very easy to use.

It does not matter from whichever way you put it in your shoe; it will not look odd at any given angle or point. It does not get tangled as easily and it goes in smoothly into the holes of the shoe because it has the same shape as that of the holes. Next assessment point for its functionality is where it is usually used.

Well, normally round shoelaces fit shoes that are worn – mostly by men – for formal events. Nowadays though, as you might have noticed, round shoelaces are also now being used for shoes worn on a casual hangout and also shoes that are worn for running, jogging, biking and the likes. Therefore, from what was mentioned above, we can say that round shoelaces can be used for almost any type of shoe.

Now our next concern will be the specification of the color, which is brown. Brown is a natural color – meaning it is a color that can be found in nature: land, soil, wood, fur; all these can be in the color brown.! Therefore, it will not be really hard to pair it with any other color especially with the lighter shades.

Just be very careful with trying to pair it with the darker tones such as black, dark blue, and violet. It also now depends on the shade of brown round shoelaces that you have. If you have a darker shade of brown, it is best paired with the lighter shades of shoes, like the pastel colored ones. If you have a lighter shade of brown, you can pair it with the darker shades of shoes.

You can also even get creative by using two shoelaces; just make sure to follow the light to dark and vice versa. Make sure also that when using two shoelaces; you do not use the same thickness for each. Make sure that one is thin and the other is thick. You wouldn’t want to make your handiwork on your shoes look shabby by using both thick or both thin shoelaces.

Make sure to also give importance on the length of your shoelaces. Do not take it ever so lightly, because the wrong length can actually ruin a good look and combination. Yes, the brown round shoelaces complement your shoes, but the wrong length can cancel that entirely and might even spoil your day as you might end up always bending down to tie your shoelaces – now that can really be annoying right? Shoelaces that are too short can easily be untied; shoelaces that are too long, on the other hand can also get untied once you step on it — you might even trip over it.