Ever classy round leather shoelaces

If we trace back the history of shoelaces, we will find that leather is one of the most traditional materials ever been used to create shoelaces. This could make us wonder why after so many years, and even though manufacturers have found other materials to make new shoelaces with, leather shoelaces still continue to arguably be the most popular type of shoelaces. Well, to explain that simply, let me just say that class never goes out of style, and leather shoelaces could easily be declared as the classiest type of shoelaces you can get your hands (or feet) on out there.

Leather shoelaces — round leather shoelaces in particular, are sure very popular especially when it comes to formal shoes such as patent or leather pairs. Recently, they’ve also gone on-trend with boots and high-cut shoes. I guess we can just conclude that the popularity of round leather shoe laces may be attributed to its versatility.

They can be worn perfectly with formal shoes, but they can also look stunning when worn with winter boots and other high-cut variations. They can even look good with some variations of gym shoes! True enough, round leather shoe strings can be every body’s go-to pair of shoelaces.

See, it is not only the shoelaces’ color and texture that determines if it is beautiful or not. If anything, a shoelace’s width and shape are more important features that you have to look for when you have to buy new shoe laces.

I know it can be easy to overlook these qualities since the color and texture are truly the first things we notice when looking at pieces of clothing, but it is high time we also think about the other stuff that either make or break our whole outfits, since that is what fashion is all about, anyway. Your round leather shoelaces may look gorgeous when you hold them, but you can only know they are perfect when already wear them on your shoes. This is where length and width would matter big time.

Length is pretty easy to figure out. You just have to count the number of eyelets (holes) your shoes have. This way, you’d find out whether you need shorter or longer shoe laces. Usually, classic and formal shoes have fewer eyelets and thus you need to get shorter laces for them, while boots and gym shoes normally have more eyelets, so you need longer laces for that.

Since round leather laces are versatile and can be worn with more than one pair of shoes you own, it can be safe for you to get longer pairs since it is much easier to work around laces that are too long as compared to having to make do with strings that fall too short.

Width is more challenging, since it can actually determine the overall look your shoelaces would be sporting. Narrow ones are usually good for formal shoes while wider and thicker ones are tailored for sports and hiking shoes. However, we have already established that rounded and leather shoe laces work for many types of shoes, so no problem in that aspect.

All you need to worry about is a good color combination so that your round leather shoe laces can get the spotlight and highlighting they deserve. The most basic trick with regard to this is that black shoes look best with light shoelaces, while light shoes look good with dark shoelaces. However, to be truly fashionable, these color combinations are up to you. Make sure you experiment on various combinations to find out the best look you can possibly come up with.

There are a lot of different colors that Feetunique offers when it comes to the round and leather laces, and it can be hard to choose from all these options. What you can do is avail of the discounts being offered when you purchase more than one pair of shoelaces at any given time.

After all, leather shoelaces make up for sound investments because as mentioned earlier, they never go out of style and they are very versatile. These laces are also pretty much affordable, considering the quality and durability of Feetunique leather laces.

And if you haven’t yet, I suggest you already get into the habit of collecting shoelaces, since this is the more affordable and practical alternative to collecting shoes. After all, shoes can last for years, but that does not mean you have to stick with one pair of shoelaces for every pair of shoes you own.

It’s always good to reinvent the look of your old reliable pairs by changing their shoelaces every now and then. This way, you will never get bored of the way your shoes look. Just mix and match, so you can have footwear that looks unique and rare every time.