Flat Athletic Shoelaces for Fit Folks

There is nothing wrong with cutting a few bucks and buying some of your shoelaces at thrift shops, but make sure you only do that with shoelaces that you are going to use casually. Those thrift shoelaces simply would not do for your sporty needs! What you need are specialized flat athletic shoelaces that could withstand different and even extreme conditions. These are made out of only the best raw materials and thicker threads than any other type of shoelaces. Remember, what you need are flat and athletic shoelaces for your gym and other pairs of sports shoes!

Now, if you are wondering why I specified that you need flat shoelaces for this, it is because shoelaces come in various shapes. And on the off chance that you haven’t noticed this before, let me explain briefly the different shoelace shapes and for what it is that they are specialized for. First, we have rounded shoelaces. These are the strings you need for your classic shoes such as your leather and patent ones, because rounded shoelaces look sleek, elegant, professional, and sophisticated. We also have oval shoelaces, which are generally what you want to use for your boots and other casual shoes.

Finally, we have flat shoelaces, such as my recommended flat athletic shoelaces. Generally, flat shoelaces are what you need for stylish and fashionable endeavors. Now, if you are concerned why I am recommending fashion laces for your sporty needs, it is because I often get frustrated when I go to gyms or sports events and the awkward shoelaces distract me from what I actually should be doing.

See, I genuinely believe that there is not one place in this world where fashion does not exist – yes, even in sporty places! We must never forget our obligation to fashion even though there are other things we are doing. Our sports outfits are made with aesthetics in mind, and we must never spoil that with wearing non-fashionable shoelaces.

So, the next time you shop for gym shoelaces, make do with classic oval shoelaces that are neutral in color, and try one of the flat athletic shoelaces that I have been blabbering about. But you also have to take note that the shape of the shoelaces is not the only consideration you must keep in mind when shopping for new gym or sporty shoelaces. From now on, make it a habit to also consider the color, pattern, print, and even the length of the shoelaces you are about to get.

Shoelace color is something we always consider when buying shoelaces for our sneakers, dress shoes, and even our classic shoes, but I know of but a few people who actually consider shoelace color when shopping for flat athletic shoelaces. And indeed, I often see athletic shoelaces in black or white neutral colors. I think these colors are way too overused, though, so make sure you do away with these cliché colors and try the other ones that are more daring!

Neon colors have been some kind of trend for flat athletic shoe laces in recent years, and though I think we should all give it a try, I also believe that it will only be a matter of time before it becomes cliché and overused as well! For now, I think we must invest in solid but unique colors since these are the ones that never go out of style and would never be overused, too! However, printed and patterned shoelaces are the next big thing in sports fashion, so those are the ones we should be focusing on.

Next, we should also consider shoelace length when shopping for flat athletic shoelaces. This is important since athletic shoes come in different sizes. For instance, dance shoes are usually smaller than most other types of athletic shoes, so those have fewer holes and would require shorter shoelaces compared to the standard ones.

On the other hand, basketball and volleyball shoes have high cut versions, so naturally those have more eyelet holes and would require longer shoelaces than the usual. Keep these in mind because if you do get flat athletic shoelaces that are way too long, those may even cause injuries and unwanted experiences once you are actually in the gym or playing a competitive game!

See, it is in a good pair of flat athletic shoe laces where function meets fashion. Just remember the considerations we discussed about shoelace shape, color, and length. Once you know these things, you can never go wrong with shopping for flat sports shoelaces and you could even catch the eyes of anyone at your local gym by being one of the very few who still respect fashion in such a place where fashion seems to be unrightfully dying. Good thing now you can do the exact opposite!