Flat Elastic Shoelaces for You

In the world of sports, shoelaces account to more than mere fashion accessories. As a matter of fact, it is in this world that shoelaces are most needed. See, experts have recently recognized that shoelaces are a huge part of our athletic outfits. Furthermore, getting the wrong shoelaces when we do sports could even inflict us with injuries and unwanted damages. That is why there are shoelaces specifically designed for sports use. One type of these shoelaces would be what we call flat elastic shoelaces. These are pretty sleek and gorgeous in my opinion, so let me discuss them further in this blog article!

Flat elastic shoelaces, or simply elastic shoelaces, are one of the shoelace types that have only developed in recent years. The thing with flat elastic shoelaces is that most of them feature the no-tie technology. What you have to do is to pre-set the tension on these shoelaces so that when you have to wear them, you just have to pull them and much like pre-programmed stuff, you can have them set in the most comfortable and convenient way possible! That is the beauty of having flat elastic shoe laces at your arsenal most especially if you are an athlete.

As a matter of fact, triathletes are the most common market for elastic shoelaces. They use it for their running shoes. As long as they have pre-set the tension on the shoelaces, then they wouldn’t have to go on a full stop just to tie up the laces. As mentioned earlier, elastic shoelaces have a no-tie technology. This helps them a great deal by saving a few seconds or even minutes when they have to transition from biking to running.

Tying shoelaces in general could be a great hassle, especially when you are in an adrenaline rush – your fingers would be much harder to control, so you might actually take longer than what you regularly need just to tie up the shoelaces. And crouching down when your head is pounding is no refreshing treat, either. This is why flat elastic shoe laces are so popular with athletes!

There is another market for flat elastic shoe laces, though, and these would be our loved ones who are mentally challenged and incapable of tying up their shoelaces. This is a perfect way to still let them wear shoes with shoelaces without making them feel incapacitated for not being able to tie up their own shoelaces.

However, even if you are not an athlete or incapable of tying up your shoelaces, there are still tons of reasons to invest in an awesome invention such as the flat elastic laces! Well, for me, it could be as simple as this: personally, I have absolutely no idea why my shoelaces get undone about every ten minutes! I mean, it just wouldn’t stay put! And I hate having to tie them up every time!

That is why I am recommending the elastic shoelaces to anyone who would want to rid of these annoying instances when we have to stop whatever it is that we are doing when somebody points out that our shoelaces have gotten themselves undone yet again! All we have to do is to preset the tension on the shoelaces and when we have to wear them, all we need is but two seconds to get them to stay at the right place and with the right length, too!

Well, to be quite frank, at first I had a few concerns about flat elastic shoelaces as well. One of the primary reasons I was skeptic is that I thought I wouldn’t be able to flaunt printed or patterned shoelaces once I got hooked to these convenient flat elastic shoestrings! However, this particular worry did not last long after I found out that there are actually flat elastic laces that have prints and patterns in them!

Now, that is the perfect combination of convenience, comfort and gorgeous sense of fashion! That is something that I like, being an athlete myself. I don’t do triathlons, but I figured that these elastic laces could still help me a great deal especially whenever I play competitive volleyball. You see, in volleyball, one cannot afford to trip on their own shoestrings because that could lead to serious injuries to the knees and shins!

So, the next time you go shopping for your shoelaces, remember that flat elastic shoelaces maybe a bit more expensive than other shoelaces, but they are totally worth it. They will save you a lot of time and effort just to tie up your shoelaces every time they get undone! And it’s really embarrassing and not to mention dangerous to trip over your own shoelaces in public, so you better at least consider getting a pair of flat elastic shoelaces!