Flat Shoelace and Fashion Tips for You

As someone who is fond of wearing patterns and prints, I also absolutely adore all pairs of flat shoelaces. See, it is only when shoelaces are flat that said patterns and prints could be seen even from afar! Actually, I have noticed that save from one pair of rounded shoelaces and another pair of oval shoelaces, the rest of the shoelaces in my collection is flat shoelaces.

(NOTE: Most of my friends are surprised whenever I mention that I have a collection of shoelaces, and even more when I explain that it is because there are many different variations of this flat shoelace that I prefer more than anything else. So to save you the question, I collect shoelaces because I genuinely believe that nobody should settle for wearing the shoelaces that they get by default when they buy a new pair of shoes.

The reason behind this is because I think the shoelaces in department stores are all in neutral shades and hues, which is a major no-no in fashion trendsetting. We always have to change up the way we look every now and then, so having a shoelace collection makes it possible for me to always look brand new and fashionable.)

So anyway, I am writing this blog right now to help all of you fashionistas out there to find the perfect pair of shoelaces to go with your shoes. It is pretty easy if like me, you also love patterned and printed shoelaces, since my advice would be simple: you should invest in nothing else than an awesome flat shoelace.

This is the only way you could flaunt your shoelaces’ prints and patterns in the most sleek and elegant way. However, I am quite confident that even though you might not like prints or patterns, I could still find a couple of reasons to recommend to you my all-time favorite shoelaces that are flat in shape.

For one, a flat shoelace pair is also the best type to get if you are into all sorts of creative ways to tie shoelaces. I’ve seen a lot of these in public! There are reverse ties, diagonal ties, even crisscross ones, but I hate those with rounded shoelaces – they just look so wrong! With flat shoelaces, though, they look really unique and gorgeous in a sleek kind of way!

And even if right now, you aren’t into those types of creative ties, well; it’s never too late to get in to the trend! There are a lot of websites that explain how most of these creative ties are executed, and there are also a lot of Youtube channels that show you the same thing! All you need is a good pair of flat shoelaces and you’d absolutely be on board to do these creative tweaks to normally boring and standard pairs of shoelaces!

Second, flat shoelaces are the ones most commonly used with dresses, but trust me when I say that they can make any outfit look gorgeous! However, it is not enough that you have flat shoelaces. Of course, there are other considerations you must keep in mind especially if you are gunning for a specific look.

The other and way more important considerations would of course be color and length. Color is a pretty easy consideration to keep in mind, because you only have to find out if two colors look good together. You would have no problems dealing with white and black shoelaces, since flat shoelaces of any color would surely still look good with those, but it becomes more challenging if your shoes are of other hues such as pink or yellow. In this case, you really have to check if those look good with the color of the flat laces you actually have your eyes on.

Of course there is no way to “fit” shoelaces that are sold online, but that is exactly how your creativity would be tested. You have to find alternatives in order to juxtapose the two colors together, and this is the only way you will ever get to try out if indeed, you are looking at the right pair of shoelaces to go together with your pair of shoes.

Bottom Line

Finally, you also have to consider the length of the shoelaces you actually want to purchase. Ultimately, what you have to keep in mind is the fact that the length of the shoelaces you have to get depends on the number of eyelets or holes you have on your shoes. Small types of shoes such as patented or classic shoes generally have fewer holes, so naturally, these would require flat shoelaces that are shorter than the standard, whereas larger or longer type of shoes such as boots or high-cut shoes would definitely have more eyelets and would therefore require longer laces!