Flat Shoelaces to Make a Difference

Did you know that shoelaces have different shapes and widths (like flat shoelaces)? If you don’t, then you’re probably one of the millions of people who couldn’t care less about shoelaces as an integral fashion piece. Well, you’re in luck because today I will tell you how shoelaces can make such a big impact on your whole outfit, and I would also be telling you about different shoelace shapes and widths and why you should really consider those things when buying new laces. Finally, I will tell you all about my favourite type of shoelaces, which are flat shoelaces. Please read on!

Now, let’s start with shoelace shapes. The most popular shapes when it comes to shoelaces are flat, rounded, and oval. Flat shoe laces, my favourite type, are most commonly worn with casual shoes such as sneakers. On the other hand, rounded shoelaces are usually associated with classic shoes such as patent and leather shoes. Finally, oval shoelaces could usually be seen with sports shoes such as gym and running shoes. Maybe it’s just that I have more casual shoes than sports and classic ones, but I really, really love flat shoelaces. I just think they look very sleek and elegant.

I have a lot of flat shoelaces at home since I collect them, and one thing I notice the most whenever I look at my collection is that they all have different widths. And when I looked closely, I realised that it is because the holes in our shoes also have different sizes. However, my favourite would be the extra wide laces, since they emphasise the shape of my flat shoe laces all the way more. Also, I love trying all sorts of creative ways to tie shoelaces up, and flat shoe laces in the extra wide width help with that.

Now, if you feel like you don’t really see the point in buying shoelaces, I suggest that you take a look at the shoes you’ve collected across the years and see which ones would really need a new look. I’m sure you had some pairs of shoes that aren’t really worn out yet, but you just felt like you needed new shoes because the older ones are starting to look old. Now, what if I tell you that there is a perfectly affordable way to acquire new shoes every week, even every day?

Yes, the above is possible with the help of a good shoelace collection. Even if you have but one pair of reliable shoes, you can change the way it looks by wearing a different pair of laces every time you wear them. Actually, width and shape are not the only things that could make your shoelaces unique. I mean, even if you just stick to extra wide flat shoelaces; you could still have a hundred of different looks.

You could do that by getting shoelaces is various colours, patterns, and styles. Now, you don’t have to buy new pairs of shoelaces just because you are getting tired of your old ones! All you have to do is to get a couple of shoelaces in various looks, and you can have something almost as good as a wide collection of shoes.

I believe that the trend of shoelace collection should be widely spread, since I am truly concerned by the number of shoes that we throw away just because they already look old! Imagine if we can simply reinvent them with a unique pair of flat laces every day. That way, we can save a lot of money used to buy new pairs of shoes almost every month, and we can also practice our creativity by mixing at matching various colors, patterns, and styles of our shoes and shoelaces.

I hope I had convinced you enough to start building your own shoelace collection! Just remember the things discussed earlier, all right? Remember that shoelaces are offered in varying widths, lengths, colors, and patterns. Make sure you know what’s best for the pair of shoes you want to reinvent, but if somehow you do not succeed in that, do not worry! I’m sure you have that one pair of shoes that would look good with whatever shoelaces you actually bought.

And if you want a stable and interesting mix of shoelaces, I genuinely think that flat shoelaces should be on your top “to-buy” priorities. As mentioned, they are sleek and posh, and I truly believe that they could make any one of your shoes look brand new and polished. Remember also that shoelaces are not all offered in solid colors! New trends have come to the market such as glow in the dark ones, gradient ones, patterned or printed ones, and even those that have different colors on each lace! Make sure you check out all of these!