Flat Waxed Shoelaces for a Specific Moment in Your Life

If you are looking to get a new pair of shoelaces for your classic leather shoes, then I suggest that you look into this collection of flat waxed shoelaces. Notice that I did not recommend a specific color, pattern or print. This is because no matter how important those qualities are when choosing shoelaces; there are far more important considerations especially if you have a target look for a specific moment in your life. And since you need new shoestrings for your classic or leather shoes, I truly think that flat waxed shoelaces are the ones you’re looking for.

See, one of the more important considerations I was mentioning earlier when it comes to shoelaces would be the shoelace shape. The average shoe shopper does not notice this, but shoelaces vary from each other in shape according to the type of shoe they are on. If you must, you can check out all the shoes you have and notice how your formal shoes have different looking shoelaces than your dress shoes or gym shoes. This is with the premise that you never changed the original laces your shoes came with when you first bought them.

These differences in shapes are difficult to notice when they are right, but wear the wrong shape once and surely, everyone would notice. Flat waxed shoelaces are one of my first recommendations for classic shoes because the flat shape actually exudes the aura of elegant simplicity.

Usually, flat shoelaces are not as flashy as rounded ones, but this is definitely a good thing because the attention must solely be on your outfit – in formal gatherings and such, your footwear must be the least attention-grabbing. By wearing a nice pair of waxed shoelaces that are flat in shape, you are sporting a perfectly good pair of footwear without inappropriately stealing the limelight from your clothes.

Another vital consideration when shopping for shoelaces would be the texture of the shoelaces. Even though no one would ever bother to kneel down and touch your shoelaces just to feel if the texture is right, the look of the shoestrings, especially under bright lights, would definitely tell enough. A waxed finish is exactly what you need for your pair of formal clogs since a waxed surface looks very authoritative and business-like. So if you are dressing to impress, you better have a ready pair of flat waxed shoelaces in your rack!

After selecting the right shoelace shape and texture, you also have to find the perfect length. However, this one is rather easy since your shoes could readily tell you the length of shoelaces they need. Here’s a bit of advice: if your shoes only have 2-3 eyelets (holes) in them, then you would need laces that are really short, like 24-inches short.

However, if your shoes have slightly more eyelets in them, like 4-5 eyelets, then you better go for flat waxed shoelaces that are about 30 inches in length. If, however, you are looking to get new shoelaces for your boots and other high-cut boots that usually have 5-6 eyelets, then you would need quite long shoestrings such as ones that are 35 inches long. Choosing the perfect length would prevent your shoelaces from looking to shabby or like they are mismatched to your shoes.

Of course, color should still be one of your major considerations. You cannot just pick out the very first pair of flat waxed shoelaces your eyes would land on! You need to make sure that the color of the shoelaces you are eyeing actually complements the color or pattern on your shoes, unless you are thoroughly defeating the purpose of getting new shoelaces to improve drastically the worn-out look of your shoes. Mixing colors with each other is quite simple, though. Usually, dark shoes shine well with light shoelaces, and light shoes get highlighted pleasantly with dark shoelaces.

These color contrasts are pleasing to the eye, especially if your outfit also has a powerful color combination in it. You wouldn’t have a problem, though, if you have plain black shoes, since any color would look gorgeous with those! Having black shoes actually gives you the go-signal to go crazy and get those outrageously pink or orange pairs you’ve been eyeing for quite some time now. And since most classic shoes are in brown or black, I’m sure you’d find most, if not all, of the flat waxed shoelaces here to be viable options!

Remember, if it is too impractical for you to keep and maintain a wide collection of shoes, there is a more affordable alternative: having a wide collection of shoelaces! This way, you wouldn’t have to spend too much and unnecessarily just to reinvent the look of your shoes every now and then! Just make sure you have at least one pair of flat waxed shoelaces for your formal shoes’ needs!