Gorgeous and Sturdy Neon Yellow Shoelaces

In recent years, neon has been steadily growing as a real popular trend. Some bloggers even went as far as to declare neon as “the new black.” And true enough, neon shades are very attractive and eye-catching. However, the danger is that they could also be overwhelming at times especially when worn in large volumes. This is the reason why neon clothes, especially neon yellow pieces, are not the best of choices when it comes to formal events or night events in general. Neon can be worn in large volumes in the daylight, but definitely not in the office setting especially if you are required to dress smart-casual or formal on your workplace.

These limitations sure give headaches to those who have fallen head over heels with the neon phenomenon. And so to help you out, let me give you this teeny tip: never for one second think that the only way to sport neon shades is through the bigger chunks of your outfit such as tops, pants, and shoes. As a matter of fact, it is most advisable to wear them in smaller amounts especially if the setting and time of your event is not conducive for overwhelming neon shades. We suggest that you wear these lovely neon shades in your accessories, such as in your shoelaces. That’s right – neon shoelaces could be your sneaky way to still don neon in the most subtle, and yet still classy way.

And one of the best variants we have at Feetunique is our offering of neon yellow shoe laces. (We have shoestrings in various lengths, widths, and designs in order to accommodate different preferences and needs.) See, neon yellow shoelaces are very bright and eye-catching, so even if it is the only neon piece in your whole outfit, you can be sure that they would stand out and be noticeable. You just have to be careful because neon yellow shoestrings don’t just go well with any other colour. Usually, neon colours look fashionable with dark accents, so if you want to get your own pair of neon yellow shoelaces, make sure you wear them with dark-coloured shoes – black ones, preferably.

See, what Feetunique brings to the table is the ability to wear your favourite colour (May it be neon yellow or whatnot) every day. Because unfortunately, we cannot do so with our clothes; even if you love the colour neon yellow very much, it would eventually be very boring if you wear neon yellow shirts or pants every day! However, with shoelaces, you can wear your favourite neon yellow strings everyday with different outfits and no one would ever get tired of them!

This is the beauty of investing in shoelaces. You can reinvent your look over and over again even if you own just a pair of two of good shoes. Just as long as your pair of shoes is not yet worn out, all you have to do is to get new pairs of shoelaces and they would look new again. Also, as mentioned earlier, shoelaces are such small parts of our whole outfits, so it can be very fun to experiment with them.

For instance, you can get away with wearing a single colour for your top, pants, and shoes, just as long as you have a different one with your shoelaces. If you have to wear a black top with black jeans and black shoes, all you have to do is wear your pair of neon yellow shoe laces and you would definitely get a trendy look that is unique and noticeable.

This is another beauty of shopping for shoelaces: it is much more affordable than shopping for shoes. Sure, wouldn’t we all want to have a room full of different types of shoes for all kinds of occasion? However, that would be very impractical. Our advice is to have at least one pair of formal, a pair of casual, and a pair of sporty shoes.

After acquiring those, just have go splurging on shoelaces so you can reinvent those pairs a thousand times over. If you ever do so, make sure you at least consider getting a pair of our neon yellow shoelaces. Not only are they gorgeous and sturdy, but they can literally brighten up your outfits if you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being compelled to wear boring outfits for work or any other inevitable purpose you may encounter.

Whether you not you believe that ‘neon is the new black,’ you would surely still enjoy sporting out a pair of our neon yellow laces in the gym or when out with friends. Simply check out this collection of yellow and neon yellow shoelaces so you can take a look at our selection of yellow and neon yellow shoelaces. Have fun and enjoy shopping!