• Gray Shoelaces with Bright Results

    Most people tend to overlook that shoelaces are actually a huge part of our outfits and they can be personalized not unlike other pieces of clothing we have like our tops or pants. I know of a lot of people who just make do with the shoelaces they get from the brand new shoes they buy. Some even go as far as to stay with the first shoelaces and never change them until the shoes themselves get worn out and when the time comes to replace the shoes. This is a huge mistake and actually when you do this, you are missing out on a good opportunity to be as fashionable as you can be.

    I suggest that you stop settling with only the shoelaces you get when you buy shoes. You must also buy shoelaces sans the shoes, and you can also start building up your very own shoelace collection if you must. See, the beauty of having a shoelace collection is never getting bored about how your shoes do look. Even if you only have a few pairs of shoes, having a lot of shoelaces to replace each other every now and then definitely works just as well as if you actually have a room full of shoes.

    And if you are thinking of starting your own shoelace collection very soon, I suggest you get at least one pair of gray shoelaces. Gray shoe laces are definitely pegged to be go-to shoelaces because of the neutral quality of the color gray. It looks great on almost all colors, and you can achieve various looks just by picking out the shade of gray that would look best with your outfit of the day

    There are light gray shoelaces and dark gray shoestrings – it is totally up to you which one you prefer. But trust me, gray shoelaces are what you want if you are looking for a pair of shoelaces you can just grab on your way out when you’re already late for work or school and can still look gorgeous no matter what outfit you are actually wearing.

    However, take note that color is not the only thing that matters when picking out a pair of shoelaces or shoes, for that matter. Plain gray shoe laces can blend just well no matter what color or pattern of shoes you may have, but there are a lot of other considerations such as shoelace length, shoelace width, and even shoelace shape.

    Shoelace length is very important because whether you get shoelaces that are too long or you get ones that are too short, it is going to look shabby. Gray shoelaces may emit the aura of elegance and formality, but all of that would be in vain if you don’t get the perfect length to get your gray shoestrings on.

    Well, getting the perfect shoelace length is pretty simple. You just have to count the eyelets/holes on your shoes since the shoelace length should depend on the number of holes they would be getting into. Formal shoes normally have fewer holes in them while gym shoes and boots have obviously more eyelets than other shoe types; just remember that fewer holes need shorter laces, while more holes are supposed to be filled up with longer shoe strings.

    Shoelace width is also very important since it determines what your footwear’s overall look would be. Sure, gray shoelaces can be worn with shoes of all kinds since gray is good both for formal and casual use, but to truly catch the effect you are hoping for, you’d need the perfect width. If you are looking for the formal, classy look, narrow and thin shoelaces should be the ones for you.

    However, if you need strings for your skater shoes or boots, the wider shoelaces would definitely look good on those. Also, if you love doing creative ties with your shoelaces such as shoelace patterns and designs, you better go with wider laces since those really show off the creative knots you can do with your laces.

    And finally, yes, you also have to consider the shape of your shoelaces in order to determine your final look. Gray shoelaces that are rounded are most likely also waxed, so they would be very good for your patent or leather shoes. On the other hand, gray shoe laces that are flat should be perfect for your skating and gym shoes.

    Of course, these are just the traditional templates; you can always experiment on your own to find out the different beautiful looks you can pull off with just a pair of gray shoestrings. Get your own pair today, and I guarantee you will never get bored as you will have tons of opportunities to play around and come up with your own reinventions.