• How to tie Shoelaces Fast

    Let’s face it, we have a lot to get done and no time to do it.

    If you can save time on any one task, you’re going to do it!

    And one of the most common tasks is Tying shoelaces. Sometimes you have to tie them more than once a day!

    Well, we’re experts on everything shoelaces and we’re going to show you how to save time on tying your shoelaces.

    You may have to tie your shoelaces for your morning run, for your dress shoes to match your bespoke office suit, or for your kiddos, as you prepare them for the day.

    Whatever the reason we’re going to show you a proven, step-by-step guide on the fastest way to tie shoelaces that will take you just one second.

    And it’s super simple, even for beginners!

    The fastest way to tie shoelaces – Step by step

    This is by far, the fastest method of tying your shoelaces!

    In less than 1 second, you’ll have your shoelaces tied in a neat bow and ready to go.

    What’s that they say about good things? …oh yeah, they don’t come easy!

    The trick to learning how to tie this shoelace knot is practice!

    The more you tie it, the better and faster you get at it.

    Before you know it, your fingers will swiftly go through all the steps in just one second.

    When done right, this knot doesn’t come undone easily.

    So how do you tie the fastest shoelace knot?

    Let’s get right into it.
    Step 1: Cross the right shoelace over the left and tie a knot.

    Step 2: Hold the laces making sure the loose end of the now-left side shoelace is hanging towards the front or further from you as you form the loop and the loose end of the right shoelace is going towards the back or closer to you as you form the loop.

    Step 3: With your thumb and another finger pinch the opposite lace and pull each shoelace through the opposite loop (or bunny ear) and pull the knot to tighten it.

    And there you have it! The fastest way to tie your shoelaces! Quite easy right?

    Check out our pro tips that make the experience that much better.
    Pro tips
    *  Practice makes perfect. The more you do this, the faster you become.

    *  Prevent your shoelaces from coming untied by having the final bow fall across the shoe and not along the shoe. The trick is to always balance out the laces.

    For example, if we would have started our first knot with the right lace going over the left lace. This means the right lace ends up on the right side and forms the first bunny ear. The now-left side shoelace will need to loop over towards you forming the second bunny ear as you feed it through the loop.

    There you go, now you know the fastest way to tie your shoelaces,

    Well, except for one last detail.

    There’s an even faster way to tie your shoelaces.

    Yap! We don’t mean to blow your mind, but we want you to have your cake and eat it too!

    You can look just as sleek with your dress shoes, or cool with your running shoes, without having to tie your shoelaces every time you wear them.
    You can just slip on your shoe and get on with your day!

    What are we talking about?

    We’re of course talking about our No-Tie Shoelaces!

    “No-tie” shoelaces are a fantastic option, for formal or casual shoes, both for adults and kids.

    We may be a bit biased with this one but once you’ve tried them you will understand that we were not kidding.

    The best part is, we offer them in every shape and color to match the original look of your shoes. Here are just a few examples:

    You want to know more?
    Here’s all the information you need to get you started with No Tie shoelaces, right here.

    No Tie Shoelaces

    No Tie Shoelaces are easy to install, custom-fit shoelaces.

    They not only offer convenience but they come in trendy designs that you may not be able to get with regular shoelaces.

    No- tie Shoelaces make for a great, if not better, alternative for regular shoelaces.

    • They give a clean, neat look. No bulky knots or excess shoelace will be hanging from your shoes.
    • They never come undone so you won’t have to keep tying your shoelaces.
    • They’re flexible. You never feel like your shoelaces are tied too tight, even when your feet expand.
    • They’re super convenient! All you have to do is slip on your shoe and go, go, go!

    They’re great for kids as well and for those with a medical or physical condition that makes it difficult to tie Shoelaces.

    As soon as you have gone through the easy, one-time install, you will finally be completely free from tying your shoelaces again!

    Obviously, installation of No-Tie shoelaces does vary with each type.
    But, there’s no need to worry, they’re all very easy to install and we’ll show you how.

    We have no-tie shoelaces available in every color and for every type of shoe.

    You can have a look here to see the different types and click on the link to find out more about them.

    Flat Elastic Shoelaces

    If you’re looking to have the traditional shoelace look without the hustle of tying shoelaces, Flat elastic shoelaces will suit your style.

    Silicone Shoelaces

    Talk about neat and fun all in one shoelace! They’re trendy, easy to maintain, waterproof, and long-lasting!

    Curly Shoelaces

    If cool is your middle name, then these are perfect for you! They’re unique and you will stand out from the crowd! If you don’t mind getting all the attention, (because they’re too cool to ignore!), you have to get yourself a pair or two!

    Round Elastic Shoelaces

    No tie shoelaces that are durable and look great! They can withstand a lot because of their design, and are pretty simple to install!

    No Tie Shoelaces for Dress Shoes

    Looking to complete a posh look with classy shoes that are neatly laced, we have you covered! Our no tie shoelaces for dress shoes will be just right to complete that formal look!