How to Wear Round Cotton Shoelaces

I will share with you one secret that I learned from my friends about customizing my shoes: if you want to make your shoes more unique and more like your own, if you want it to become an amazing pair of shoes that will look like no other pair, then you better start getting creative with your shoelaces!

You will be surprised by the transformation of your shoes just by changing the shoelaces that you use for it. There are many things that you can do with your shoelaces because shoelaces have different colors (any color that you can find in the color spectrum), different lengths (short and long ones, the really long ones are very suitable for making intricate knots producing great designs), different thickness (there thin and thick ones) and different shapes (round and flat ones are some examples). Just allow your creative side to take over and see where it will take you! I hope you will have so much fun like me!

Now let us get started with our focus for today. Today, I will introduce to you round cotton shoelaces. If you have been collecting shoelaces for quite some time now, more or less you already have an idea as to what round cotton shoelaces are; but for the sake of those who are only starting to build a collection of your own, you do not have to worry because you will also get a hang of it. So keep on reading to know more about these round cotton shoelaces!

Let us now focus on what type of shoelace we have at the moment: round cotton shoelaces. Let us start by looking at their shape. It is the type of lace that is round, and it is used for almost any type of shoes. It is not really hard to look for a shoe that will look good with round laces. It is appropriate to most shoe types because of its versatile shape.

Round shaped shoelaces follow the shape of the ringets from wherein you put the shoelaces through, therefore it is easier to use and you do not have to worry about the awkward appearance of shoelaces whenever they get twisted in the odd places. Remember that even if i said that it is not that hard to look for shoes that will go with round laces, you have to be careful not to use it on shoes like sneakers or chucks as it will not be that much of a click.

Usually, it is the flat ones that are paired with sneakers or chucks. The next thing you have to consider is the thickness of the round cotton shoelaces because just like how it fits most shoes, its thickness also affects the appropriateness of the shoelaces to the shoe. Take for example, running shoes or sports shoes; thick round shoelaces are used on them because running and playing sports is strenuous, therefore your shoes must be intact and secured in your feet so that you will be comfortable during your activities.

That is also the reason why you will rarely not even see running or sports shoes with thin round laces. On the other hand, another use of round laces is for shoes that are used in men’s footwear during formal gatherings. If you will use thick round shoelaces here, it will consume most of the space that is allotted for the surface of the shoe, making your shoe look stuffy and awkward.

Third on this article is the color. Of course the color combination is as important as everything else in here as it is what other people will notice. If the color combination is off, it will defeat the purpose of you beautifying your shoe. If you do not have a knack for producing good color combinations, remember that you can always ask help from those who can.

Now to evaluate the material used in this particular shoelace, which is cotton: cotton is a good material to make shoelaces from. It can compete with the quality of synthetic shoelaces out there. Aside from that, it is lightweight and it will definitely add comfort to your feet. Also, because of the cotton composition, the strands have a good grip with each other. The friction between the laces creates a tight knot, meaning it will not easily slip off and get untied. Your endless problem with the bothersome constantly untied shoelaces will now be put to an end!

I hope you learned a lot in reading this article! Keep collecting and have fun!