• How You Can Benefit from Shoelace Patterns

    In recent years, shoelace patterns have become such a fad when it comes to styling up one’s look. Well, it figures especially since shoelaces are the easiest way to customize the look of your shoes – with shoestrings, you can easily get creative. Imagine only having one pair of shoes.

    Even though you have five pairs of shoelaces to alternate between every now and then, it would only be a matter of weeks before you get tired of all those shoelaces. Even if you have two pairs of shoes to alternate, it would still be a matter of time before you exhaust all possible shoe-shoelace combination without getting tired of them all.

    Now, imagine again having only a pair of shoes and also only one pair of shoelaces to go with them. It’s impossible to reinvent using only those, one would surely think. Well, to the contrary, it would still be very easy to tweak a single shoe-shoelace combination to a various other looks with patience as your only capital. You just have to be willing to spend some time learning how to do several shoe lace patterns, and you’d have no limits when it comes to coming up with new looks for your shoes.

    True enough, shoelaces are such small portions of our overall outfits, and it can be easy to overlook them. However, if you just want people to pay more attention to those new shoelaces you just got, there is no better way to show them off than by sporting them in a unique and intricate shoelace pattern. And in this post, we will try to help you out by teaching you a few shoelace patterns and how they can be done. Let the traditional crisscross left-over-right lace design and learn how to do some of these shoestring patterns:

    1. Checkered shoelace patterns:
    This one may take a few tries to get right, but it’s totally worth it. If you are ready to let go of your old pair of shoelaces, just dye the laces with different colors. It would be better if you dye one lace with a light color and the other one with a darker color. This would make your checkered pattern look noticeable and nice.
    First, tuck one of the laces into the left side of your shoe, bottom part. Then, slide the lace. On the outside, the slide should be all the way across and on the inside; you should slide all the way up. Repeat this process until you reach the top of the shoe where this lace is supposed to be tucked away. Next, get the other lace and start by tucking one end on the left side, bottom part of the shoe. Then start working this lace by weaving it in and out of the other lace that you first tuck into the shoe. When done, simply tuck the end of the second lace into your shoes.

    2. Zipper shoelace patterns:
    Start working on top of your shoe. Tuck one end on the top of your shoe, right side. And then tie a knot so the lace wouldn’t slip out. Make sure the knot is tight enough. Then, on the outside part of the shoe, slip the lace on the eyelet directly across the first one – top of the shoe, left side. Then, work on the inside of the shoe and tuck the lace on across, then down. Pull it up again on the outside, and then slide it across. Remember: OUTSIDE = DIRECTLY ACROSS; INSIDE =ACROSS, DOWN. Repeat this until you reach the end of the lace, and then you have to tie the other end in a tight knot again. Secure the knots so the laces would not go loose while in use.

    3. Straight bars shoelace patterns:
    This one is pretty straightforward and a very easy shoelace pattern to learn, but it is one of my favorite lacing designs because it is simple neat and clean to look at. To do this, you just have to think that you are doing the traditional left-over-right, but this time inside and out. The crisscross should be on the inside, while the straight bars patter should be the one showing on the outside. The process is somewhat similar to the zipper shoelace pattern, but this one is pretty self-explanatory. Just keep in mind the method: INSIDE: crisscross; OUTSIDE: straight bars.

    These shoelace patterns are only very few as compared to the hundreds of shoelace patterns you can also come up with your own imagination. Just don’t put limits on yourself and be not afraid to experiment! Reinvention is always good in fashion, and you can only say you’ve been a trendsetter if you can come up with a shoe lace design all by yourself. Set your creativity free! Have fun!