Meet the Black Waxed Shoelaces

When shopping for shoelaces, it’s very easy and totally forgivable to focus too much on unleashing our creative selves and seeking the most rare and stylish pair of shoelaces out there. While this is a completely understandable behavior, it has negative repercussions such as that sometimes; we tend to focus too much on dressing up the shoes that we use for casual hang and day-outs that we forget that our formal shoes need attention, too. What happens is that most of us have shoelaces of various colors, patterns, and prints, but only have one very old and worn out pair of black waxed shoelaces.

Well, let me just say that our classic and patent shoes (these are the shoes that normally require black waxed shoelaces) actually need more attention compared to the rest of our shoes. Why? Because it is our formal shoes we wear when we have to attend an important meeting or gathering, and these are the times in our lives that we need to look our best. So if you haven’t yet, I urge you to immediately invest in a number of good pairs of waxed shoelaces that are black or brown in color.

However, if the whole idea of shopping for shoelaces is altogether new for you, let me quickly explain the importance of this fashion trend. See, it is truly heartbreaking to see a perfectly fad pair of shoes ruined by a pair of shoelaces that do not match the gorgeousness of the shoes. That is why it is very important that we all keep a collection of shoelaces that we can use to reinvent our shoes every now and then.

This is a very useful trick especially for those who do not have a wide collection of shoes. Wearing a different pair of shoelaces whenever you wear your shoes (no matter if it’s the same one pair every time) actually gives the impression that you have a lot of shoes, so you can actually sport the aura of being fashionably rich, without having to spend too much on designer shoes.

And every good shoelace collection must have at least two pairs of black waxed shoelaces. You see, black is one go-to color in the world of fashion because it looks good on practically any other color. It even looks gorgeous with patterns and prints, so you can wear the color black with virtually anything you currently have on your closet! And the same goes for shoelaces – no matter what kind, color, texture, print, or pattern your shoes may have, black shoelaces would definitely look good in those!

Waxed shoelaces, on the other hand, are most commonly associated with formal shoes such as classic and leather ones. Together, the color black and a waxed finish actually teams up greatly in dressing up your shoes in the most elegant, simple, and classy way. If there is one pair of shoelaces everyone must absolutely have, I’d daresay it would be a nice pair of black waxed shoelaces.

Herein lays the beauty of wearing new shoelaces: the appearance of even your oldest pair of shoes could improve dramatically. Especially if you sport a new pair of black waxed shoelaces together with a shined pair of classic shoes, you could spell ‘dress to impress’ with only your footwear! There is no better way to tell everyone in your workplace that you have the authority, sophistication, and elegance that are the qualities everyone looks for in a leader than to impress them with your “new” pair of shoes. I am betting you’d even get compliments about your “new” shoes when really, the only thing new in your outfit are your shoelaces.

For all of this to happen, though, you have to find the perfect pair of black waxed shoelaces that would fit and suit your pair of formal shoes. Here are some things you should consider: shoelace length, shoelace width, and aglet type. Remember that the length of your shoelaces should be relative to the number of eyelets (holes) your shoes have.

The fewer the eyelets, the shorter your laces must be, and the more the eyelets, the longer your laces should be. Remember that shoelaces that are either too long or too short would look shabby and would defeat the whole purpose of going after that “brand new” look.

Width is also important, since it determines the look. For instance, narrow and thin shoelaces are usually associated with formal shoes while flat ones are usually worn with casual shoes and those you wear when you hang out with friends. Black waxed shoelaces, to be specific, would look very good in the thin width since all of those qualities team up for shoestrings that are formal, elegant, classy, and altogether perfect for your leather or patent shoes.