Patterned Shoelaces as a Final Touch

Aside from having the usual reliable shoelaces such as white pairs and black pairs, any fashion savvy person should also have his/her own multitude of patterned shoelaces, since I believe that it is high time we consider shoelaces as something like accessories. I just mean people should change their shoelaces every now and then so that we may never get tired of the way our shoes look. Shoelaces are the easiest and most affordable way to get creative with our shoes, and I believe every shoe owner must have his/her own shoelace collection so that the reinvention of how our shoes look would be very easy.

In fashion, being flashy is actually not the best thing you can be. It doesn’t matter if you have branded and gorgeous clothes – if you wear the same clothes every day, people are going to be tired of how you look. However, this does not only go for clothes. Shoes are pretty much the same. Sure, the first three times you wear your new shoes would probably wow your family and friends, but it only goes downhill from there. What you need more than flash is the ability to reinvent. You have to know how you can look unique every day you go out.

If mixing and matching does it for clothes, would you believe that it is also what works for shoes? Yes, the only thing you need to learn is to mix and match shoes and shoelaces so you can have a unique look every now and then. And for that, patterned shoelaces are definitely what you want. There must be a hundred different patterned shoelaces out there, and I’m sure you’d never run out of options. You just have to learn how to mix and match various colors and patterns to improve your feet fashion.

And just as we choose our clothes and shoes and accessories in relation to where we’re going and what we’re doing, we must also do the same for our shoelaces. See, there are shoelaces you wear for formal gatherings and there are those you wear for simple hanging out, but the good news is that you can wear patterned shoe laces for either.

You just have to sort out between formal and informal patterns, and you’re good to go. Color is also important; since you have to make sure that your patterned shoelaces actually look good with the shoes you’re getting them for. Actually, I recommend you testing out the color contrasts before you finally get your shoelaces. Check out the colors involved in the patterned shoelaces you would want to buy, and try putting those colors next to the shoes you have, and if the colors seem to complement each other, then you might just be right on the money with the shoestrings you are zooming in on.

Shoelaces with patterns are unique, because they are not usually offered with shoes that are being sold in shoe shops. They are usually bought separately, but this is actually a good thing because uniqueness is the biggest thing in terms of fashion. Having multiple pairs of patterned shoe strings helps you in terms of reinventing your look – it gives people a pretty good incentive to still notice the shoes you’re wearing even if you are actually wearing the same pair every day for a week.

See, that is the thing with shoelace shops and web shops – they give you the ability to mimic having a pretty wide shoe collection without the high cost of purchasing multiple pairs of shoes. Even if you only own a few pairs of shoes, a good collection of shoelaces, particularly patterned ones, would definitely infuse more creativity and uniqueness in your shoes. You can even make your oldest pair of shoes appear brand new simply by donning new shoelaces to go with them!

But if you’re already a fan of collecting shoelaces but so far just stacked up on solid-colored shoelaces, I recommend you also start getting shoelaces with patterns and prints. These pairs are perfect to wear for dresses and jeans, and I swear never again would your shoes look boring and dull, no matter what their color is.

Just remember the considerations mentioned before you settle on any pair of shoelace you might want to get. Make sure they are the right width, length, shape, and color looks amazing on any of your shoes. When you have built up quite a generous collection, I’m sure you’d even be more confident enough to mix and match your shoes and shoelaces, and you’ll eventually come up with new looks and combinations, and from then on you’d only wear interesting footwear that catches the eye of any casual onlookers, and only then can you say that you are fashionable from head to toe.