• Round Waxed Shoelaces

    When putting together an OOTD (outfit of the day,) there is one word that must never slip your mind. That word is ‘character.’ Sure, Pinterest and Tumblr fashion blogs could help you big time, but there is nothing more satisfying than being able to say that your look is entirely ‘yours.’ Your whole outfit should have its own ‘character,’ for only with strong fashion character can you truly are a trendsetter.

    Now, I understand why it must be hard to put up an altogether unique look nowadays, since fashion blogs are everywhere, but there is one piece of clothing that you can specialize on because not many fashion savvy people put much concern in it. The clothing piece I am talking about is shoelaces.

    Yes, you read that right. I am asking you to take a look at your shoes and remember how long it’s been since you last reinvented the look of your old reliable pairs. If you’ve had a pair of shoes for more than a year and the look has never been reinvented since you bought it, I’m pretty sure you are already tired and bored about how it looks, right?

    Now, let me share with you my favorite fashion touch – I don’t have a lot of shoes, but I have gotten myself a pretty nice collection of shoelaces. This way, I can tweak the look of my shoes every now and then while also giving my family and friends something new to ogle every time we go out.

    There are different types, colors, textures, and shapes a pair of shoelaces can have, but my ultimate favorite kind of shoelaces would be the round and waxed ones. Going back to my original statement, round waxed shoelaces are my most preferred type of shoestrings because they surely give ‘character’ to my otherwise boring pairs of shoes.

    The reason why I found novelty in waxed and rounded shoelaces is because they are very thin and sleek looking, which is honestly my style of fashion. I really think that thin shoestrings are very sleek and elegant, not to mention versatile ‘coz you can practically wear them with any type of shoes.

    However, I find them particularly stunning when worn with patent and leather shoes. As I’ve said, round waxed shoelaces just have this aura of formality and elegance, which makes them gorgeous with shoes that are also of formal cut.

    I love shiny things, but I understand that I cannot wear shiny tops or pants for certain occasions since they would be overwhelming and I would look out of place. This is why I find refuge in wearing my round waxed shoelaces. Since the strings are waxed, they look polished and shiny on the surface but they certainly do not look overwhelming since shoelaces are such a small part of my overall outfit. However, it is not to say that my beloved round waxed shoelaces have not caught a number of looking eyes, because they have! And I am proud of it.

    Which is why today, I would like you to also check out Feetunique’s selection of round waxed shoelaces, since I can pretty much vouch for the durability, affordability, and overall attractiveness of these laces. You have thirteen pairs of round waxed shoelaces to choose from, the pairs varying from each other in terms of color and length.

    See, these are considerations you should always keep in mind when getting shoelaces for yourself, or even for family and friends as gifts. First, of course, consider the color. Round waxed shoelaces can only live up to being formal and elegant shoelaces if you know how to properly contrast the colors of your outfit. When in doubt, simply pair light shoes with dark shoelaces and dark shoes with light shoelaces. This little trick always works, and would surely make your waxed and round shoelaces stand out!

    Also, consider the length of shoelaces you are going to need. Most patented and leather shoes have fewer eyelets compared to other shoe types, so you might need shorter shoelaces for those. However, if you are getting a pair of shoelaces for your other shoes like your sneakers or skater shoes, chances are, those have more eyelets than formal ones, which means you have to get longer shoestrings for those.

    Remember as well that round waxed shoelaces are thin, so there are actually a lot of creative ties you can play around when you have a pair of these. The most traditional way of tying up your shoelaces would be the crisscross left-over-right or right-over-left method, but we all know this is getting to be a bit old especially if you are going for the casual look. Round waxed shoelaces are thin enough to be experimented with, so be creative and let your ties go wild!