Short Shoelaces and Your Shoes

I have always been a fan of classic shoes – the type of shoes that are petite and cute. I love wearing them with shorts, pants, and even dresses! However, the most frustrating part of wearing these cute little shoes is finding the perfect pair of shoelaces to go with them. See, these classic shoes I’m describing really have fewer eyelets than most other shoes; so naturally, the standard shoelaces look misfit with these types of shoes.

As a matter of fact, standard shoelaces make my beloved small shoes look kind of shabby. This is exactly how I discovered the existence of short shoelaces, and in a short span of time, I became as hooked to short laces as to classic shoes. Indeed, they look perfect with each other!

Now, if your face went absolutely blank when I mentioned short shoelaces, then you, like me a few years back, are clearly unaware that you can actually choose the length of your shoelaces when you buy them! Those who shop online would more probably be aware of this because most web shops that sell shoelaces specify in their catalogues that you actually have the option to choose among short shoelaces, standard, long, and at times, even extra-long and extra short shoelaces.

However, for those that shop for shoelaces in department stores and the like, it is possible that this truth has escaped you. After all, even I a few years back did not know that shoelaces come in different lengths.

Thankfully, my classic shoes addiction allowed me to discover thus, because really, the standard length of shoelaces are too long for these petite shoes. So I started shopping online, and that is when I discovered that there are short shoelaces that are actually designed for my type of shoes! Believe in kismet, anyone?

Well anyway, to give you a brief background on the amount of research I put into this, let me just say that I got to know all the shoelace length possibilities and their functions in fashion! It definitely took me a while to memorize and master these things, so let me do you a favor by just discussing them briefly in this article.

This is to help you sort out the different lengths available for shoelaces so you can also be properly informed on the type (and length) of shoelaces you should be looking for depending on the type of shoes you have or want to have.

First of all, there are short shoelaces. These are the ones perfect for small shoes that have less than 5 holes on each side. If you are also a fan of dress shoes like me, then short laces should be the one you are investing on, since any other length would be too long and would only look shabby. I’d even daresay that they really ruin the cute look of classic shoes.

Most petite shoelaces are also thinner, which makes them all the more perfect for the petite shoes we have. However, if you are fond of creative shoelace ties, then short shoelaces are not for you since you need more space and thread to freely maneuver about especially if you are fond of the mesh type of creative tying of shoelaces for fun.

Of course, we are all familiar with the standard length of shoelaces. More often than not, this is the length of shoelaces we see all around in department stores – given in default to the shoes that are displayed and are for sale. Essentially, this length is perfect for shoes that have 5-6 holes on each side. This could also be used for creative ties, but only the most basic ones.

We also have the long variation, which are basically ideal for boots and other types of shoes that are high cut and would most likely have more than 6 holes on each side. And even if your shoes are not high cut and do not have more than 6 holes on each side, it would be prudent to still have a couple of long shoelaces just in case you suddenly want to experiment on different creative ways to tie up our shoelaces. There are a lot of websites and Youtube links where you could learn to do those, but you need long shoelaces in order to recreate most of them.

So there you go, those are the basic shoelace lengths and when to use them! I hope this blog article is helpful to you, and if you are looking for a brand you can trust for all your short shoelaces needs, then I wholeheartedly recommend the Feetunique collection. They have shoelaces of all styles, colors, lengths, and even widths, so you better at least take a look! I know you wouldn’t regret just checking it out!