• The Benefit of Round Dress Shoelaces

    So round dress shoelaces. Gone were the days when dresses are only partnered with stilettos or wedge shoes. As a matter of fact, modern dresses look really sexy and chic when worn together with flat shoes. However, this poses a big problem for us women. See, it is very easy to find stilettos or high heels that would look dashing with our dresses, but it’s kind of hard to find dress shoes that are of the right color, pattern, print, or even material. That is why today, I will teach you a little trick on how you can make virtually any pair of dress shoes look way better.

    Together with the trend of dress plus flat shoes get up, round dress shoelaces have also come to the limelight. You see, shoelaces come in different shapes and sizes, but round shoelaces are definitely what we need when wearing dresses because they just look formal and elegant, making them perfect for almost every pair of dress shoes you have. Also, round dress shoelaces are almost always narrow and thin in size, which also helps in putting together a fashionable look for those of us who love wearing dresses every chance we get. (Guilty!)

    Another thing I like about rounded dress shoe laces is that they are very unique, so every time I wear them, I feel like a trendsetter and as if I am wearing a statement. This is because I’ve mentioned before, most girls are still hung up on wearing heels every time they don a dress, but to me this fashion is way outdated. Dress shoes are the next big thing when it comes to shoes, so I urge you to invest on them as early as now before the trend catches and prices begin to skyrocket!

    I know it can be hard to find dress shoes that are vibrant in color, but you don’t have to worry about that. You can even get black or white dress shoes and just get vibrantly colored shoelaces to go with them. Indeed, I believe that all of us should have our very own shoelace collections at home. Why, you ask? Well, you see, I personally would love to have a hundred pairs of shoes at home just so I could wear a different one every day of the month.

    However, the practical voice at the back of my head wouldn’t let me do that no matter how many awesome pairs of shoes I see every time I stroll in the department stores. There was even this one pair of really cute suede… Okay, I digress. My whole point is that acquiring all the shoes we would want to have is like burning up our cash just like that. What we actually need is to acquire a good number of shoelaces, so that even though we only have a handful of shoes, we can reinvent the way they look, so that in a sense, we can wear a unique pair every day of the month without having to spend that much.

    There are thousands of shoelaces offered in the market, but let me go out of a limb here and say that a gorgeous pair of round dress shoelaces is the one pair that must never go missing in any woman’s shoelace collection. All the more better if you have round dress shoe laces as many as the number of dresses you have!

    However, it simply won’t do to get cheap dress laces that would get worn out in a matter of days. When it comes to round dress laces, it always pays to invest on ones that are made up from no less than the best high quality materials, since those could be considered as good as a lifelong investment.

    You can check out this collection of round dress shoelaces, as the pairs in this web shop is also highly recommended by savvies everywhere. There are a lot of considerations you have to think of when choosing the right pair of shoelaces, but I could testify that color is one of the most important factors you have to decide upon especially when it comes to round dress shoelaces. You have to get laces in a color that greatly complements the color of your dress (es).

    Of course you also have to consider the shoelace length you would be getting your rounded dress laces in, since we don’t want our laces to be either too short or too long for the type of shoes we have. Remember to get shorter laces if you need them for shoes that have fewer eyelets such as sneakers and patent shoes, but you have to get longer pairs if you need a new one for your high cut shoes, boots, or other pairs that have more eyelets than the usual.