The Most Gorgeous Round Laces

The thing with shoelaces is that not all people are particularly careful with the kind of shoelaces they wear. This is because when you shop for shoes and you buy a pair, you also get a default pair of shoelaces. But while these “default” shoelaces usually look nice and neat, I could guarantee that somewhere, there is a pair of shoelaces more suited to that specific pair of shoes. Now, as buyers, it becomes our responsibility to take on the “quest” to find a better, and if possible, the perfect pair of shoelaces for whatever pair of shoes we just bought!

Now, not all shoe owners take on this so-called quest, and they simply stick with the default shoelaces, may those be round laces, oval, or flat ones. However, I really believe that we should all make the extra effort to search for better-suited laces not just in terms of color, print, or pattern, but even in terms of shape, size, and length! Actually, I think, these features are the more important things to look for when shopping for shoelaces. So, if you have never been to the habit of buying shoelaces separate from shoes, let this blog post help you out!

Well first of all, you need to know what type of shoes you need shoelaces for. This is because certain shapes and sizes are simply ideal for specific shoe types. For instance, dress shoes seem to be the most gorgeous when you wear round laces with them. However, if what you have are casual or even sports shoes, round shoe strings may not be the best bet for you!

Casual shoes look better with flat shoelaces, while sports shoes are most commonly and rightfully worn with oval shoelaces. One should be observant of these things not only for the sake of appearance but also for function. For example: one of the main reasons why sports shoes are ideal with oval laces instead of round shoe strings is because oval shoelaces are easier tied and stays tied for longer periods of time – exactly what athletes require for their athletic needs.

Personally, I have a lot of round laces in my collection, because my favorite type of shoes is dress shoes. This is because I’m not that into high heels, so whenever I have to wear dresses or cocktails, I opt to wear dress shoes with them. I think these are more comfortable and suitable for me than heeled shoes.

This type of shoes is not particularly popular, so for those of you girls who are also tired of high heels and stilettos, you should try and get dress shoes, and get the matching round shoe strings for those! However, as mentioned before, shape is not the only important thing when it comes to choosing your new shoelaces! You also have to consider the length of your round laces, if you are really considering getting a pair of those elegant and sophisticated shoelaces for your new dress shoes.

Now, to find the perfect length of shoelaces needed for the shoes you have, what you have to consider is the number of holes (eyelets) that your shoes have! See, the more classic shoes such as dress shoes and the like have lesser holes and so you would need shorter round shoe strings for those because if you get shoelaces that are too long, then the elegance of your dress shoes would be no longer apparent because shoelaces that are too long also look too shabby and worn-out even when they are brand new.

Casual shoes such as sneakers and sports shoes normally have the standard number of eyelets, so you would also want the standard length of shoelaces to go with them. As for boots and high-cut shoes, those are the type of shoes that have the most holes, meaning they could hold even the longest shoelaces you could get your hands on. It’s easy in this day and age to find the perfect length of shoelaces because web shops often indicate the length of the shoelaces in their collection, anyway. Make sure you just pick the right length because it could be hard to get your laces replaced once they have already been delivered.

So there, I hope by this blog post, we have extended our help so that the next time you shop for shoelaces, you already know what exactly you are looking for. Remember, consider getting dress shoes as an alternative for heels and stilettos, and if you do get a pair of dress shoes, make sure you also get a matching pair of round laces! I will leave considerations such as colors, patterns, and prints to your creative minds – I am sure that you already know how to mix and match these things, so good luck!