The Old Reliable Black Round Shoelaces

As a shoelace fanatic, I have witnessed how drastically the market for shoelaces has changed over the years. A few years ago, when I had just started collecting shoelaces, it was really difficult to locate stores that offer a wide collection of shoelaces. More often than not, I had no choice but to shop online and have it shipped, which could get really expensive at the time!

Fortunately, though, the times have changed and today, it is very apparent that people are in general more interested in shoelaces, so the supply for it has also expanded. There are a lot of web shops offering various shoelaces; even department stores have sections for shoelaces now!

What is my point here? Well, I just want to point out that this opportunity to have your own shoelace collection should not be taken lightly! I urge you to be more attentive in the pairs of shoelaces you wear, instead of just sticking with the pair of laces you get when you buy a new pair of shoes. Have your own shoelace collection, and note that there is no better pair to start your collection with other than the old reliable black round shoelaces.

A good pair of black round shoelaces should be good for whatever shoe type you have, which is exactly why it is a good choice to start your collection with. Black is an elegant color that blends perfectly with any other color, so you never have to encounter problems in terms of color blending if you do get black round shoelaces. Even if you have printed or patterned shoes, plain black would still do the trick of looking gorgeous against those! However, color is not the only consideration to take into account when getting a new pair of shoelaces.

You also have to consider the shape, as manifested in my recommendation: black round shoelaces, not simply black shoelaces. Perhaps it is the color that gives attitude and finish to your laces, but essentially, it would still be the shape that gives the look and distinction. I love round shoelaces because I found out that they are the ideal ones to wear together with dress shoes that I am so fond of. This is because round shoelaces are generally elegant and sophisticated-looking.

Other shoelace shapes are flat and oval, among others. Flat shoelaces are used with sneakers usually, while oval shoelaces are partnered with athletic shoes mostly. Out of all these shoe types, classic dress shoes are what make for most of my shoe collection, which is also probably why rounded shoelaces, specifically black round shoelaces, are my favorite.

As a matter of fact, I have more than one pair of black round shoelaces in my collection. They are of different lengths, to match different pairs of my shoes. See, when you purchase shoelaces online, more often than not, you will be made to choose between different lengths available. You have to be very careful when choosing, because you just might lose the elegance of your black round shoelaces by getting them in the wrong length!

Remember that each shoe type has a specific shoelace length ideal for it. Patent shoes, dress shoes, and other small shoes that have few holes obviously need shorter laces, while longer shoes such as boots which have more holes would need longer laces! However, if you are one of those fond of creative ways to tie up shoelaces, you must get longer shoelaces no matter what, because you need more space and thread to express your creativity by playing around the shoelaces you have.

So if you want to begin your shoelace collection so you could wear a “unique” pair of shoelaces every time you go out, I suggest you do so in fashion and get yourself a pair of black round shoelaces for starters. Of course there are a lot of pretty shoelaces out there and you might just get tempted to go for those decorative ones first, and there is nothing wrong with that. Just make sure that your shoelace collection is not all aesthetics and colors. Make sure you have at least one pair of black and white shoelaces, so you have ready shoelaces for your formal and professional affairs.

A good pair of black round shoelaces is all you need to jumpstart your collection and I highly suggest that you get your pair here. Feetunique has always been a trusted brand when it comes to high quality shoelaces, so you never have to worry about shoelaces that get worn out easily if you go with this brand. They also offer a wide collection of shoelaces in various colors, prints, patterns, widths, lengths, and shapes! You just got to pick the pair that suits you, pay affordably for it, and have it delivered right at your door!