Thin Round Shoelaces

If you think that shoelaces only differ from each other in terms of color, patterns, and prints, then you are seriously misled. It is still true that the mentioned qualities should be the priority when it comes to choosing your shoelaces, but we must never forget other shoelace features such as shoelace width and shape because these things also matter in determining whether or not your shoelaces would look good against your shoes and the rest of your outfit. To introduce you to these concepts, let me share to you my favorite width and shape combination when it comes to shoelaces.

See, there are thin shoelaces and there are thick ones; rounded pairs and flat ones, as well as narrow and wide ones. Out of all these, my favorite combination would be shoelaces that are thin and round. See, round shoelaces are almost always associated with patented and leather shoes, while thin shoelaces just give off that look of elegance and formality that is almost business-like. This deadly combination, to sum it all up, just makes thin round shoelaces a perfect choice when you are going to a business meeting, formal interview, or just a normal day at work if you are feeling extra savvy in the fashion aspect.

Another reason why I love thin round shoelaces is that they are almost always waxed, which effortlessly adds to the formal allure of thin rounded shoe laces. See, the waxed surface makes your thin round shoestrings look more polished, and so you will have no problems looking business-like and attractive even though shoelaces are such a small part of overall outfits, since the glossy surface definitely catches the eye even of the casual onlooker. Just as long as you find the right combination of color, you’d be good to go.

Now, let us talk about color combination since this could either make or break the appearance of your footwear. If you observe shoes that are being sold in department and even in special shoe stores, I’m sure you’d note that most shoes, by default, are sold with either white or black shoelaces. This is because those neutral colors practically look good against any other shade, which also means they can be very common and at times, even boring.

Sure, they are perfect go-to shoelaces, but they are not what you would grab if you want to “dress-up.” For that, I suggest you get other colors that are more outrageous and daring, but be careful because unlike neutrals, they can be challenging to blend and mix with other colors.

Here’s a trick if you are not yet comfortable to experiment with color combinations on your own: thin round shoe laces that are dark in color should be paired up with patent shoes that are lighter, while thin round shoestrings that are more into the lighter colors is tailor-made for shoes that are of darker color. These contrasts are the basic combinations that take only a minute to put together, and they work most of the time.

Another quality of thin round shoe strings I absolutely love is versatility. The thin and round width-and-shape combination is actually the only shoelace type that I can pull off with my dress shoes. Of course, we cannot wear our thick and flat shoelaces with dresses because those would really look out of place and awkward. Thin and round strings are what you need if you should ever wear shoes with your dresses. This is why I think buying thin round strings is a sound investment – you can wear them for your business attires, but they are also equally good for your Sunday’s best dresses.

This is the beauty of having a shoelace collection – you need not a rack-full of shoes just so you can wear unique-looking shoes every day. All you have to do is alternate between a few different shoelaces so you can reinvent your sneakers and other shoes every now and then. If collecting shoes is too impractical and expensive, the way to go is collecting shoe strings.

Just remember the considerations we mentioned before. You have to check not only the shoelaces’ colors, patterns, and prints, but also their shapes, lengths, and widths. This way you can make sure that you’ll never end up with boring and repetitive footwear.

And remember, if you are looking for a pair of shoelaces that are versatile and just simply gorgeous, make sure you at least look at a selection of thin round shoestrings since those could simply pass for the most versatile combination in the shoelace world ever. Just choose the perfect length to go with your shoes. The trick is to count the number of eyelets/holes on your shoes to determine whether you need shorter or longer shoelaces. Good luck with this and have fun shopping for shoelaces!