Waxed Round Shoelaces Come Back

A few weeks back, I cleaned out my closet and found out that I have a lot of shoes that I have forgotten about, but are not yet that worn out. I realized that I just got tired and bored of most of them because I’ve worn them about a thousand times, which is such a shame because some are even branded and pricey, but there they were, rotting in a drawer at the bottom bunk of my closet, just because I grew tired of how they looked, and frankly I am always looking for something new.

And that is when I stumbled upon a web shop that sells all sorts of shoelaces. And then it came to me – if I change up the shoelaces I use every now and then, there was no way that I’d get bored with the look of my shoes. So I retrieved all the pairs of shoes I’ve forgotten about over the years, and I planned how I would go about reinventing the way they look by simply investing in a couple of pairs of shoelaces that are easily accessible, affordable, and may even be delivered right to my door.

While checking out the types of shoelaces I could get, a particular style caught my eye: waxed round shoelaces. I got attracted to the way these waxed round shoelaces looked, because in my opinion, they looked very sophisticated and elegant. The waxed surface is shiny and sleek, while the rounded shape just looks fine and high class.

However, I worried that these round waxed shoe laces would only look good for patented shoes, which I do not have. They also looked a bit masculine to me, but I really wanted to get some, and so I went ahead and ordered a couple of pairs. I told myself I’d just find a way to wear them somehow when I already have them.

To my surprise, the pairs I got didn’t look too masculine when I already saw them up close, but they still looked just as elegant and sleek. I read that waxed round shoelaces really look best with classic and patented shoes, but apparently they also look perfect with dress shoes, which I have! There began my fascination with all colours and lengths of waxed round laces.

See, colour combination is very important when putting an outfit together, since bad colour combinations could ruin your entire outfit at once. So, if you are not that used to putting different colours together, you may opt to get your waxed round shoelaces in black or white first, since these are the colours that could blend with pretty much any other colour.

However, you have to learn how to mix other colours so you can play around on fashion statements, and find a style that is truly original and creative. For me, I have these purple dress shoes, and I reinvented them by getting yellow waxed round shoelaces. I have loved that colour combination ever since, and I must say they looked really good together!

But if you can play around with colours, you must never do the same for the length of your shoelaces. Sure, round waxed shoelaces look very elegant and sophisticated, but getting them in the wrong length would only result in your shoelaces looking very shabby. Feetunique, a leading shoelace web shop, offers waxed round shoelaces in various lengths.

Their web shop would even help you decide which length is perfect in terms of how many eyelets your shoes have. It’s not that difficult though, if you got time to spare. Just count how many holes (eyelets) your shoes have so you can choose the perfect length of shoelaces. Obviously, shoes that have few eyelets have to have shorter shoelaces while boots and other shoes that have more eyelets have to have longer laces.

However, if you are fond of creative ties and unusual styles, you might opt to always get longer shoelaces so you can have more freedom to play around without running out of thread. At the end of the day, you just have to learn how to work around the laces to end up with perfect lengths.

Now, I hope you learn from my experience and never let any of your shoes be forgotten. If you ever get tired of them, just remember that there are better alternatives to replacing them with new shoes. You can always opt to get new shoelaces that could provide any of your shoes with a new look and in effect, a fresh feel to it. And the next time you need a reinvention on your patented or dress shoes, the waxed round shoelaces offered by Feetunique would be my best recommendation because of their strength, durability, affordability, and of course, beauty.