White Shoelaces of the Day

It’s just so easy to fall in love with collecting shoelaces, isn’t it? Well, for me it is. I just find it convenient that shoelaces are the most affordable and convenient way to customize our shoes. I am quite amazed at how easily we can reinvent our old reliable pairs of shoes, just as long as we have enough pairs of shoelaces to use and choose from. Imagine going out every day for one whole week wearing only one pair of shoes for each day but your friends don’t notice and they simply think you’re wearing a unique one every single day? Nice, isn’t it?

Well, if you’re into that, you are off to a good start and you’ve certainly come to the right place because that’s exactly what Feetunique offers – the ability to dress up your feet uniquely and in accordance to your style at affordable prices. This is because at Feetunique, more than 250 pairs of shoelaces are being offered. These pairs come in various lengths, widths, textures, and colors. And the best thing about all this is that you would not be confined to choosing just one, since Feetunique offers shoelaces at most affordable prices.

And, if today, you are looking to get your first pair of shoelaces save from the pairs you got by default when you bought shoes in the past, I strongly suggest that you look into Feetunique’s selection of white shoelaces. Shoelaces in this color are highly popular, primarily because white is a color you can practically wear with any other color or shade. You can wear white shoe laces both with dark and light pairs of shoes. You can also easily pull off any look, may it be formal or casual, just by sporting the best white shoestrings you have.

Personally, I love wearing white shoelaces because they give off this polished and clean look that I can’t seem to achieve with any other color. I’ve got about five pairs of white shoe laces that I wear for different instances. See, color is not the only thing that matters when you are choosing the shoelaces you would be wearing. You should also consider things such as length, width, and even texture. See, you do not simply pick up a pair of white shoelaces and decide that you can wear it with just about any pair of shoes you have. Sure, the color combination would be no problem, but like I said, color is not the only thing that counts.

Another thing you should consider besides color is width. Believe it or not, width plays quite a relevant role in polishing the overall look of your footwear. I’ve got a very thin pair of white shoelaces at home, and this is what I wear with classic shoes, since thin or narrow shoelaces surely give off the formal and elegant look. But when I have to work out at the gym, I pick out my rather wide pair of white shoestrings since that is the pair that looks best with my sporty shoes.

And if you think those are the only considerations you have to think of, you’re wrong. I know, I know, we seem to be putting too much thought on such a mundane thing, but trust me: shoelaces can either make or break your overall look. Just one more vital thing: make sure you check the length of a pair of shoelaces before you get it. My shorter white laces are reserved for my shoes that have fewer eyelets on them, while the longer white strings are reserved for my high-cut shoes that obviously have more eyelets than others.

See, white shoelaces may look neutral, but they will never be boring, and more importantly, they will never go out of style. That is why I peg my white shoe laces as my go-to pairs, since I can wear them with shoes of any color. And if, like me, you love shoes that have prints and patterns in them, I am sure you would also love wearing clean white shoelaces. See, a common mistake of some people is that they pair printed shoes with printed shoelaces. This is a fashion no-no! If you have printed or patterned shoes, you better go with neutral-colored pairs such as your old reliable white shoe laces.

And there is no better place to get your very first pair of white strings than Feetunique. With more than 10 pairs of white shoelaces to choose from, you’ll never run out of options. Just, let me reiterate that the color combination is one of your least worries. Don’t fret, though, since Feetunique’s web shop is fairly easy to use since all the information you need like shoelace width, length, texture, and even price are provided easily. Make sure you check out their white lace selection. Have fun shopping!