Who Should Consider Wearing Flat Laces and Why

Have you ever gone shoe shopping but ended up being frustrated upon finding a perfect pair of shoes but with very awful shoelaces? Or have you ever seen someone wearing the coolest outfit ever, save for their shoelaces? Then you share my exasperation about the current state of the fashion world. True enough; the industry seems to be paying as little attention as possible when it comes to shoelaces.

It’s as if the fashion experts already expect everyone to know which shoelaces to wear for which shoes. However, that clearly is not the case. Very few people have extensive knowledge when it comes to shoelace fashion, so today I will try to spread some information around in the hope to shed some light in the mechanics of shoelace-wearing.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way claiming that I am a fashion expert. Let’s just say that I am someone very observant, so I have a few insights on how shoelaces should be worn. And so far, family and friends have commended the combinations I have come up with. So, I hope you read on to the end of this blog post! I assure you, you’d be learning even a bit!

So, the first thing you need to know is that shoelaces are not all the same. Sadly, some of the people I’ve talked to seemed to think that shoelaces only differ from each other in color or patterns. This is wrong. Shoelaces also come in various shapes, lengths, and widths! When it comes to shapes, the most common ones are round laces, flat laces, and even oval ones.

And for all intents and purposes, I want to zoom in on flat laces because aside from the fact that they are my favorite, they are also the most common ones so it would be a good option for those who are just starting to experiment on shoes and shoelaces.

See, shoe laces that are flat are usually worn with casual shoes, but trust me, they can make just about any pair of shoes look more elegant and sleek. So, if you are unsure of the specific pair of shoelaces you would need, my recommendation is that you check out the flat laces section. As you go along, you must also experiment with round and oval ones, but for now, stick with good old fashioned shoe laces that are flat.

So, now that you have decided the shape (or rather, I imposed it, hehe) of the shoelaces you are about to get, the next consideration you should keep in mind would be the length of your flat laces. Yes, even the length of the laces is very important to make sure that you achieve the look you are going for! Note that typically, there are 5 holes on each side of your shoes. If this is the case, then you could get the standard length of shoelaces.

However, if what you have are classic shoes that ideally have fewer holes, then you should get shorter shoe laces that are flat. If, however, what you have is a pair of boots or any other kind of high cut shoes that have more holes than the standard, then you should opt for shoelaces that are flat but also longer than the standard. These reminders are way too important to overlook, because if you happen to wear shoelaces that are way too short or way too long, no matter if the color or pattern is perfect, it will still look wrong and out of place, remember that.

Since we already mentioned colors and patterns, it would also be important to take note of these. Remember that if you are fond of printed or patterned shoelaces, then it is all the more reason to get flat laces. See, prints and patterns would be highlighted and given an opportunity to be noticed so you should sport them in these awesome shoe laces that are flat in shape!

But remember that patterned shoelaces should not be worn at all times. When the event is formal, refrains from wearing those since simple and solid colors look way more professional and would project more sophistication and maturity to other people.

Finally, do not forget about color combination. If you have shoes that are neutral in color such as black or white ones, then you should have no problem since almost all other colors look good in those, but if you have other colors such as yellow or blue in your shoes, you have to be careful because not all colors would look good together with those! Make sure you follow the basic concept of contrast of colors, but in the end, the best recommendation would still be to try out a couple of various shoelaces styles and colors to find out which ones you’d prefer the most.