Why White Leather Shoelaces are Simple and Powerful

Shoelaces can be made up from different materials, and the most traditional materials used are leather, cotton, hemp, among other things. As with almost anything, there are pros and cons to each one, and it all boils down to a person’s personal preference. And over the years of my collecting shoelaces, I have grown a special fondness for leather shoelaces. Some friends of mine do not like them that much because apparently, they can get undone more easily than shoelaces made up of other raw materials. I’ve never had problems regarding this, so I pretty much ignore their rants and enjoy my leather pairs.

And one of my most favorite pairs from my collection would be my white leather shoelaces. Here are my top reasons: One, I have always loved the color white but there are times when it can be underwhelming, especially when you try to wear it on your feet. There are only very few people I know who pays much attention to footwear, unless the shoes or the shoelaces are outrageously bright or rare. So, even if I truly love the color white, I must admit that they can look boring. And for that, I found white leather shoelaces as a perfect solution.

See, leather as a material just gives off a look that illustrates the words, ‘elegant,’ or ‘fine.’ Leather just appeals to me, and to a lot of people, making white leather shoe laces a novelty – something noticeable. Even if the color white may be seen as neutral, the fact that those white shoelaces are made with leather instantly makes them more attractive and eye-catching. Another thing – I discovered that white leather shoe laces are pretty much easy to pair with anything else! The color and the material just make my white leather shoestrings a go-to pair.

Of course, we already know that the color white can go with any other color. No matter what color, pattern, print your shoes may have, white shoelaces would definitely look good on those. And what makes white leather strings such a hit is the fact that much like the color white, leather also has the ability to look good no matter what other material you wear it with. These are some of the reasons why I think white and leather just fit each other like long blouses and skinny leggings do.

There is a pain associated with being a fashionista in the corporate world! See, it’s not always the case that I can just dress up the way I would have wanted to. Since I have to wake up quite early to battle through traffic without being late for work, there is not much time for me to put a good outfit together every morning.

This is why I have a separate closet for my ‘go-to’ stuff. This closet contains the stuff that I have always relied on – stuff that has the ability to look good no matter which pieces you pair them with. And guess which of my shoelaces are up there. Yes, you guessed just right – my pair of white leather shoestrings.

Now, if you haven’t started collecting shoelaces, I suggest that you do so immediately. See, I have been around perhaps a thousand (I’m sorry for exaggerating. Ha ha) department and shoe stores, and never once have I seen a pair of shoes that came with the best pair of shoelaces they could possibly have (I apologize if there are any shoe designers out there reading this. It’s a humble opinion that I truly believe in, anyways) and so I have gotten into the habit of picking out my own pairs of shoelaces.

And now, I am extending my fascination to all of you shoe-lovers out there. As fashion savvy creatures, I urge you not to settle for the boring and dull shoelaces you get when buying new shoes. Reinvent the look of your shoes every once in while by having a collection of shoelaces you can always count on. And there is no better pair out there to describe the phrase ‘something you can always count on’ than a pair of white leather shoestrings. Trust me, get this pair and you’ll never have to run late looking like you haven’t given much thought on your OOTD.

I’m sure that after a while of using white leather laces, you’d also share my love for anything that is white and leathered. I love the look of white leather shoestrings, but I would also love to see the look going around since there are too much shoe-shoelace mismatches out there that it’s almost too painful to watch any longer. So today, I hope you at least consider getting yourself a reliable pair of white leather strings and tell your friends about it, too! Let’s get this movement going.