Yellow Shoelaces

The reason why the color yellow is such a big hit is because it is very attractive and eye-catching, making it a favorite tone across all age and gender groups. It is a personal favorite, so I get quite disappointed every time I search the department store for hours no end but still cannot find a single pair of yellow shoes that actually look good on me. For those of you who also love the color yellow and would love to wear it on their feet but just couldn’t find one pair of shoes that looks the least bit elegant, let me share to you my secret on how I found a way.

What I’m talking about is yellow shoelaces. Those who are as obsessed as I am with the yellow color would surely find heaven in discovering that yellow shoe laces are becoming a big thing now. True enough, we at Feetunique have found out that yellow shoelaces, ranging from ones as light as neon yellow shoelaces to the ones as dark as gold shoe laces, are actually up and coming for people who would love to brighten up the look of the shoes they’ve recently bought or even the ones that have been sitting in their shoe racks for the past endless years.

Now, the thing with buying shoe laces is that they give you the ability to change the look of your shoes a hundred times over without having to spend too much. I know you would love to have a hundred pairs of shoes so you can have different looks each time you go out with friends, but that would be tad impractical and very expensive.

An alternative to that is to invest in a hundred different pairs of shoelaces: that way, you can have just a pair or two of shoes, but each time you go out, they would look not just different, but new and inventive as well.

And what better way is there to brighten up those dull-looking shoes you got as a gift than by getting a pair of yellow shoelaces to go with them? No matter if you prefer light or neon yellow shoe laces to raging gold shoelaces; we have got those in store for you. Just click on this link and you will find our selection of yellow shoe laces that can be paired with shoes of all kinds and colors and types.

Here is also a little tip for those of you out there who just love playing around with colors and tones: if you love wearing colorful outfits, I know how it is just so tempting to splash your outfits with different shades of one color. However, this would be a mistake if you ever need to look formal or elegant. My trick with yellow shoe laces to make them work is to pair them with shoes that are either very dark or plain black. Yellow, especially gold shoelaces are not recommended for white and other light-colored shoes if you are going to a formal interview or gathering.

Sure, if you are just out with friends or family, you can wear whatever color combination you want, but for special functions where you need to look your best, it is advisable to play on contrasts, so you can also make sure that the pair of yellow shoelaces you just bought would be given the highlight it deserves.

The above-mentioned advice goes even for neon yellow shoe laces. They look best with dark shoes for the formal effect, but they work just as well with light shoes if you are going for the casual hang-out look. We at Feetunique also have other options for you to choose from such as yellow gradient shoelaces, glow in the dark ones, and even glittered laces. You just have to decide which look you would want to don, and you can choose which pair to get.

Also, make sure you do not overlook the number of eyelets you have on the pair of shoes you are out to get shoelaces for. Since we offer your shoelaces in different lengths, you have to find out if your shoes need shorter or longer ones. This way you can make sure that your new pair of yellow shoe laces would neither be too short or too long for the pair of shoes you have.

Another thing is the type of shoes you have, in relation to the width of shoe laces you have to get. Believe it or not, width plays a huge role in how your shoelaces appear. For classic and formal shoes, it is advisable that you get narrow shoelaces since that is the width that looks most formal. For sporty and casual shoes, however, you may opt to get the wider ones.

As a conclusion, just make sure you consider all that has been mentioned above before you decide which pair of gold or neon yellow shoe laces you would be getting. Have fun!