Your Emotions and Blue Round Shoelaces

A friend of mine came over the other day and I showed her my collection of shoelaces. Among all the shoelaces she saw and after a careful comparison of all the shoelaces in my collection, she went on to say that she took a particular liking to my pair of blue round shoelaces. Well, I couldn’t blame her because in a sea of shoelaces that come in various colors, styles, patterns, and even prints, the blue round shoelaces really stand out in beauty and elegance. It is also one of my favorite pairs from my collection.

Okay, let me back up a little. For those wondering why the heck I have a collection of shoelaces, let me explain briefly – I do not just collect shoelaces to display and admire them. I actually wear all these shoelaces, but the catch is that I only have two pairs of shoes at the moment. It’s not that I hate wearing shoes. As a matter of fact, I wear laced shoes every chance I get since I absolutely hate wedges and heels and pumps and all those girly stuff.

I like my shoes simple and laced up! But the thing is, shoes do not come cheap and frankly, I cannot spare that much money in order to build a collection of shoes, as much as I would want to. So instead of shelling out a lot of money for a shoe collection, I just shelled out a little and built a shoelace collection composed of various kinds of laces, one of which would be my blue round shoelaces.

You see, having a shoelace collection is almost as good as having a wide collection of shoes. Take my case, for instance: I only have two pairs of functioning shoes, but since I wear a different pair of shoelaces every time I wear my shoes, I feel like (and people think that) I am actually wearing a unique pair of shoes every time I go out!

Thus is the magic of having a lot of shoelaces that you can actually choose from. Quality shoelaces don’t come cheap either, but the price would definitely be a far cry from a single pair of branded shoes the way they are priced nowadays. So now, if you want to build your very own shoelace collection, let me help you out a bit by recommending that you also get a pair blue round shoelaces!

The color blue is a personal favorite of mine, because the color deeply reminds me of the ocean and the sky, giving me a sense of stability and normalness. I know I am getting to be a little to deep and philosophical here, but I sincerely think that wearing a specific color like in blue round shoelaces also changes your outlook and disposition. Many a psychological study also claims the same, but I have personal experiences with this. Whenever I wear my blue round shoelaces, I feel a sense of calmness and I genuinely attribute it to the emotions I get every time my eyes touch the magnificent color blue.

Another thing I could connect to the color blue would be elegance and royalty, which makes the blue round shoelaces a perfect choice for when you are off to a formal party, gathering, or interview of some sort. It gives off an aura of cool sophistication, and that is why you could often observe that people in high society often wear blue shoelaces.

Now, if you are wondering why I kept on saying blue round shoelaces instead of just blue shoelaces, I will also explain now. If I just say blue shoelaces, I would be referring to at least 4 pairs in my collection! But when I say blue round shoelaces, I only mean one pair. This is because aside from the color of shoelaces, I am also very particular with the shape of them. See, shoelaces can be round, flat, and even oval. I love all of these shapes, but for all intents and purposes, I want to discuss round shoelaces now.

Round shoelaces are most often used in classic shoes such as patent and dress shoes! I am a fan of both those shoe types, which is why I also have a lot of round shoelaces in my collection. Round shoelaces are perfect for the classic way of tying up shoelaces, but it is not recommendable for those of you who love to experiment on different creative ways to tie up shoelaces.

So, today we discussed how you can also own a “shoe collection” without having to spend hundreds of dollars! I just hope that when you do finally start your own collection of shoelaces, that you would not forget to get a pair of magnificent blue round shoelaces that I really love!