Zebra Shoelaces to Stand Out of the Crowd

The only thing I hate about shopping for shoes is the fact that department stores do not allow you to choose the shoe lace you would want to get. If I could have it my way, I’d design a department store where there are separate racks for shoelaces so we can get to choose between laces of different colors, sizes, shapes, lengths, and widths. This way, we can try out different shoelaces to choose which pair looks good on the pair of shoes we have chosen to buy.

This is the only way I could think have regarding my issue that buying shoes almost always guarantees that you are going to get a boring and dull pair of generic shoelaces. However, I do not own any department stores nor am I in any place to suggest this kind of setting. So, to spare myself from having to wear those generic shoelaces they offer with the shoes, I just built my very own shoelace collection at home.

And one of my favorite pairs of shoelaces would be my zebra shoelaces. Yes, I do enjoy wearing patterned and printed shoelaces just as much as I love my solid-colored ones. The zebra shoelaces are my favorite because they sport a creative mix of black and white, and it actually looks good on most of my shoes. See, I truly think that people should pay more attention in making their shoes look more creative.

Every day I see people wearing model-like combinations of tops and jeans, but somehow the shoes always spoil the look, but 9 times out of 10, I figure out that the shoelaces are the problem. So today, I will urge you to pay more attention on the laces you wear, with any pair of shoes you may have.

For that, color is the most important thing you should be careful about when getting shoelaces. For starters, I believe that everybody should have at least one good pair of white shoelaces and one pair of good black shoelaces. These are colors that can just go with anything – they can work with any shoe color you have, plus they can go left and right the whole spectrum of formality and casualty. These pairs should be your go-to shoelaces, but you must also stack up on creative pairs as well, since those are the ones that keep your footwear interesting and creative.

However, you have to be careful because creative pairs of shoelaces cannot be used at all times. There are places and times for those, and you also have to pick the right outfits to go with shoelaces that are patterned and printed. So, if you are just getting started on wearing creative shoe laces, I suggest you get one of the “safe” patterns such as in the zebra shoelaces. Since zebra laces are black and white, you can wear them with pretty much any shoes you have, regardless of color. Of course they’d look amazing on light brown clogs, but any other color would do.

Be mindful, however, because it takes a lot to make zebra shoelaces make formal, so they are more common with casual and informal pairs of shoes. They can also be worn with sneakers and gym shoes, since I do not believe that the gym is a place where we shouldn’t care about what we look like. In fact, I think we should look our best wherever we go and whatever we do, for we can never really predict when something important might come up. And that is the reason why I really love my creative pairs such as my zebra shoe laces.

My shoelace collection grows over the years, as I always make it a point to collect really unique ones, and I suggest you do the same so we can improve footwear fashion. Do start putting more attention on what you wear on your feet, and make sure you wear unique shoes every time you go out. It would be mighty impractical to buy 20 pairs of shoes just to be more fashionable, but more than 50 pairs of shoelaces to choose among is perfectly good and way more affordable, as well.

And if you are looking for that unique and gorgeous pair to start off your shoelace collection, I would really recommend you get a pair of zebra-patterned shoelaces. Color combination would be the least of your worries when you get one, but you still have to consider stuff as width and length, but these are things you learn along as you continue to build your shoelace collection along the years. And when you’re already down that road, I am sure you still wouldn’t forget your pair of zebra shoelaces as I guarantee that you’d find one of these pairs one of the most reliable laces you will ever have.