Shoe Cleaning Brush

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Clean Every Groove with the Shoe Cleaning Brush

Most people will wipe away the smudge on a shoe. But taking real pride in your footwear means cleaning the creases and stitchings, areas that a cloth isn’t going to get. And that’s not to mention the soles of your shoes, with grooves that require this 2GO Cleaning Brush to maintain a consistent shine. Order today for top-to-bottom shine.

Complete Your Shoe Cleaning Arsenal

This brush is a highly effective tool for safely cleaning the soles and creases of your footwear. But to maintain consistently clean shoes every day, you’ll need the full cleaning kit, which includes this brush as well as a water-based spray and a microfiber cloth. Learn more here.

Order Risk-Free Today

We’re certain you’re going to love how well this brush performs. So much so, we back it up with a FeetUnique exclusive 100% guarantee. If this isn’t as good as we say, get a full refund without the hassle of mailing it back. It’s a commitment to customer service on par with our exceptional products.

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