• Shoe Deo - 150ml

    US$ 14.95
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    Staying Fresh Goes Beyond Great Footwear

    The best shoes can’t compensate for bad foot odor. But that’s not a concern when you have 2GO Shoe Deo, a water-based and solvent-free, fast-acting foot deodorizer that:

    • Provides a fresh scent.

    • Wicks moisture like no other.

    • Keeps feet odor-free longer than competing products.

    • Goes easy on your skin (and the environment).

    Spray away foul smell. Kick off your shoes with total confidence. Use it for your gym bags, car, bedroom, and anywhere else too. The 2GO Shoe Deo is the ultimate way to smell as good as you look every single day.

    A Priceless Addition to Your Shoe Care, Guaranteed

    Despite the 2GO Shoe Deo being highly affordable no matter where we’re shipping it, its effects are priceless. 

    When you’re trying to impress and your feet stink, you’d pay anything for the smell to go away. Compared to that, these are practically free. 

    But if they don’t live up to that promise, we’ll refund your money. Order risk-free today – and be smell-free tomorrow, only at FeetUnique.

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