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FAQ Questions:

End of shoelaces. What is it called?

Most people call the end of shoelaces "the tip" in lack of better words. The correct term for it is actually "aglet".

Since most people are not aware of this we will in most cases refer to it as "the tip" in various descriptions on this site.

There can be a big difference in quality depending on what shop you buy your shoelaces from, and additionally you can find them in different colors and we even have them with a silver or gold look here at our shop.


Where can i buy shoelaces?

We sell shoelaces here at this site but there are also other webshops on the internet along with the possibility of going to an actual footwear store to pick them up.

We realize this and strive to serve our with the best products possible. If you search for something we don't have we would love to hear what you are looking for by mail.


What lengths do we have?

We have both long shoelaces and short ones.

We have lengths from 27" all the way up to 120".

While we don't have all our very exotic shoelaces in all lengths we do strive to keep all of our regular shoelaces in stock in every length.


How to tie shoelaces?

Almost every people in the world know how to tie their own shoes.

Tying shoelaces is generally not a problem to the average person, however as time has past

there has been invented new innvative methods to do so.

Click here to see he creative ways of tying you lace: Ian's website


What quality and fabric are your shoelaces made of?

Most of our laces are made in 100% polyester as this has given the greatest quality result.

We are very careful regarding the quality. We are aware that if just a few costumers would be dissatisfied with our products, we

would not be in business for very long, as our costumer-references is a big factor, when they recommend our website.

We also know that an unsatified costumer doesn't come back to visit us again, so the quality is something we are serious about.


When will i receive the shoelaces i order?

Depending on what time of the day you place your order we strive to ship it the same day.

With economic shipping: 10-20 business days

With express shipping: 2-10 business days


What if i want to change the shoelaces i received to another color, length or model?

Simple. Just send back the shoelaces you want to exchange to the address written both on the backside of the letter and on the invoice copy.

Write what shoelaces you wanted them exchanged with in the letter or by the following email: feetuniqueService@gmail.com