Buy shoelaces online at Feet Unique - Laces for all tastes and every occasion!

    If there’s one thing we understand here at FeetUnique, it’s that not all shoelaces are created equal. That’s why we’ve searched far and wide to put together the finest collection of laces available to buy online. It doesn’t matter what type of shoelace you’re looking for or why. We give you access to a huge selection of styles and colors like regular black, gray or brown to hot pink, yellow or neon orange and everything in between.

    Maybe your old laces are lost or broken, or maybe you’re just done with neglecting your shoes and want to give them the love and attention they deserve. Whatever you need, whatever your budget, the Feet Unique store is your one-way ticket to shoelace perfection.

    We live for shoelaces that improve the way you live.

    That might sound dramatic. These are “just” shoelaces, after all. But to us, that's like saying, "They're just a pair of shoes." The difference in comfort, style, and quality is shocking, and all three comes down to the shoelaces. It's a little-known fact, but once you're aware, it can be life-changing.

    Who would have thought footwear accessories could change your life?

    We did. It's why we founded FeetUnique.

    An Unrivaled Quality – Doesn’t fray or break and stays tied all day

    Unless otherwise listed, our products are made of a premium polyester, crafted in careful ways depending on what shoe they're for. For example, a particular emphasis on strength and toughness is put on the round laces for boots, whereas stretch and flexibility are essential for our oval laces for running shoes.

    But no matter the type of shoe, your lifestyle, or your goals and aspirations, you can expect some consistent store-wide features:

    -    Specially-Calibrated Friction: They never come untied.
    -    Durability: They will outlast the shoe itself.
    -    Finest Dyes: Their color won't fade or run.
    -    Eco-Friendly: Certified by OEKO-TEX®'s STANDARD 100.

    And if it's not polyester, it's fine leather.

    For boots, dress shoes, sneakers, running shoes – We cover them all…

    It's one thing to offer an enormous selection, it's another to help you find your perfect pair. That's why we designed our digital store to be both intuitive and immersive. Above, you can select the shoe you're looking to upgrade, discover the different color options, and then customize the length. It's quick, easy, and you'll be looking fly in no time.

    Right now, your shoelaces are utterly ordinary. For most people, that's totally fine. But when your feet need to look unique. When fine isn't good enough. When You need the best, FeetUnique will pass the test.