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If there’s one thing we understand here at Feet Unique, it’s that not all shoelaces are created equal. That’s why we’ve searched far and wide to put together the finest collection of laces available to buy online. It doesn’t matter what type of shoelace you’re looking for or why. We give you access to a huge selection of styles and colors backed up by our peerless quality guarantee.

Maybe your old laces are lost or broken. Or maybe you’re just done with neglecting your shoes and want to give them the love and attention they deserve. Whatever you need, whatever your budget, the Feet Unique store is your one-way ticket to shoelace perfection.

Shoelaces in the "Normal shoelaces" category

Round laces are your best option for bringing some life back to tired old boots. Rugged yet fashionable, these laces are designed to keep going and match you step for step. No fuss, no drama. Just top quality.   

Flat laces are the safe option. If you’re looking for something versatile that can sit well with boots or sneakers, this is the way to go. They come in a range of colors, so why not grab a few pairs and swap them in and out to match the season or occasion?

Dress laces are perfect if you’re looking for subtle sophistication. They work best with classic shoes as part of a formal outfit. These shoelaces can be purchased in a range of lengths and shades, so rest assured we’ve got everything you need to add the final touch to a winning outfit.

Oval laces work wonders with sporty shoes. They're ideal for replacing tired or damaged laces for specialist football, tennis or running footwear. Performing under sporting pressure is only half the challenge. Let us help your feet look great while you do so.

Sneakers laces are exactly what you think: an easy way to clean up your kicks and refresh your style. They're wider than the norm and come in a range of bold colors, so we think they’re ideal for making a statement. Take a look through our range and let your shoes do the talking.

Square leather laces are the perfect fit for your boat shoes and loafers. For starters, they’re made of 100% leather. That means they ooze quality and sit comfortably in both formal and casual situations. Check out our extensive range and give your loafers a long-overdue upgrade.

Shoelaces in the "special shoelaces" category

Gold and silver laces are for those who want to make an entrance and keep on getting noticed long after that entrance has been made. They are flashy, overflowing with glitter and ready for a night on the town. Where will they take you?

Pattern laces are a playful alternative to the standard block colors. This makes them ideal for indecisive buyers and perfect for themed parties. From butterflies to hearts to ladybirds, check them and see if we’ve got a style that could help you stand out from the crowd.

Super wide laces are big and brash, an easy way to pimp up your kicks in no time at all. They also have that exclusive feel. People who wear these don’t simply walk from place to place. They have chauffeurs. They take a Hummer limousine. Just like Hummer limousines, you don’t see many of these super flat laces around. So set the trend... What are you waiting for?

Glitter laces are for people who like shiny things. So that’s pretty much everyone. But if your need for shiny things extends beyond diamond rings and into the realm of footwear, these glitter laces are the ones for you. Check out our sparkly range and grab a pair before it’s too late!

Dual-color laces are for people who just can’t make their mind up. They are also perfect if you’re looking for something different, or a specific combination to go with an outfit you’ve got planned. The result is a funky dual-color look that will ensure your shoes are the center of attention for all the right reasons.