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We do everything we can to make it easy for you to get hold of the shoelaces you want. So what actually comes into consideration when we claim our purpose is to give you a good shopping experience when you are looking to buy shoelaces?

Firstly we have tried to make it as easy as possible to navigate through the website and not get lost anywhere in the process of shopping at Feetunique. This includes everything from presenting the shoelaces in the correct order to minimizing the number of steps you have to go through in order to finish your purchase.

If you happen to be searching for very specific shoelaces such as a specific length or color you could easily benefit from using our filter (Visible when you have entered a category) or our pre-sorted categories. In these categories we have sorted all our shoelaces and presented them to you in a way that gives you a quick overview of what we actually have that match your needs.

But who cares about how easy it is to shop, if the product you receive is not a what it looked like on the product-pictures? For this reason we have tried to provide as accurate pictures and descriptions as possible of each individual pair of shoelaces. We have tried to keep photo editing at a bare minimum to make sure we only use tweak colors in a way so what you see on your computer screen match with your expectations of what you thought you would get when you actually receive the shoelaces. This has been very succesful for all the shoelaces with a solid color but shoelaces with a glitter or metal effect actually seems to sparkle much in real life than what you would think from looking at the pictures.

Finding shoelaces that are actually long enough for shoes with a lot of holes such as boots seemed to be a problem in the past but now we have very long lengths available in all the common shoelace-models and colors. Soon we will work on providing the same lengths for all of our shoelaces.

The pricing of our products has been a tough one. The reason beeing that we believe strongly in quality over cheap prices. This begged the question if people were willing to pay extra for this quality that is very hard to see and feel just from pictures and describtions online. We realized that our products should be affordable and for this reason we have the same prices as our competitors but strive to provide much higher quality.

Nobody wants to buy a pair of shoelaces and then need to pay more for the delivery of those pairs than the actual shoelaces. For this reason we only charge what is actually needed to ship the product by regular mail (Meaning the same as receiving just a letter/paper). You see, shoelaces fits inside a normal envolope and it actually saves some hassle as you don't have to countersign for the package when it arrives. You will instead get it just like your letters, bills and postcards - In your mailbox. It is actually a solution that is just as reliable as the normal cargo system and should anything go wrong we here at Feetunique will take care of it, so you don't have to worry about it. For these reasons we are able to keep the shipping costs at only $2.00. This is even a flat rate so you can shop all you want without needing to worry about a higher shipping cost.

If you feel like we are missing some products or have suggestions/questions of any kind don't hesitate to write us at