Who are Feetunique?

Welcome to Feetunque - If you are your looking for new quality shoelaces, you have come to the right place. We sell shoelaces online!

We have a huge selection of shoelaces (Above 250+ sorts in 9 different lengths from 27" – 120").

We have carefully handpicked all the specific color nuances ourselves and all the "special" patterned shoelaces were predesigned.  We use all 20 of these colors in most categories, for the soul purpose that we want to offer an extensive range of possibilities to our customers. We think ahead, and try to figure out which kind of shoelaces our customers will need in the future

Quality is a prioritizing factor for us. We want to give you products you are satisfied with, at a reasonable price.

We take pride in having great customer-service. We therefore guarantee, that we will always find a satisfying solution for you.

We have designed the webshop as simple and user-friendly as possible, to give you a great and easy overview of our products.



We are a Danish company located in Denmark – Our brand name is Feetunique.

We are two 28 year old men in charge of the company.

My Name is Claus and my partners name is Christian.

We have a small staff of people:

Our developer:                    Our graphic designer:          Our Promoter               Customer representative:

Alex                                        Julia                                           Careen                           Tanika


How we got started:

Back in 2012, we were 2 guys with a passion of starting our own company. We searched for a variety of products to provide our customers

Shoelaces turned op to be the perfect match for us, and we are now dedicated to provide our customers with the best shoelaces possible.

Our goal was to be the biggest retailer in Europe, giving value to all people in need of new shoelaces.

Since back then we have grown, and are  now selling shoelaces online in 8 countries and more is coming up!

We have been working on our business for two years, and still have many good years to come.


We are currently providing shoelaces for customers in the following countries:

USA, Denmark, France, Sweden, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, United Kingdom