Flat elastic shoelaces (No-tie)

No-tie elastic flat shoelaces

Are you also tired of tying / untying your shoelaces day in and day out? …and maybe you have kids that needs to get their laces tied as well? Not to mention the irritation of when they unwillingly come undone…or get jammed in your bicycle chain. With no tie elastic flat shoelaces, you’ll never have to tie your laces. Ever. Again. These laces will instantly turn your shoes into a pair of slip-ons. They have no ugly knot/bow and the elasticity provides a comfortable snug fit for your feet. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we promise you won’t regret buying these laces

Length (inches):

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Length (inches):

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Length (inches):

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Length (inches):

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The Specs for no tie flat elastic shoelaces

- Width: 7mm
- Great for all types of shoes (including high-tops sneakers - not high boots as the laces are too short)
- Made of 40% Nylon + 60% Malaysian rubber threads
- Durability (compared to other types of laces): 10/10
- Can Stretch: 130%
- Length: One-size-fits-all (100 cm)

Tieless flat shoelaces – How they work

These type of shoelaces are made with Malaysian rubber threads which makes them extremely elastic. In fact they can stretch up to 130%. The benefit it that even if you tie your shoelaces tight, it’s easy to take them off/on without untying your shoes. They’ll simply transform your shoes into a pair of slip-ons. Alternatively, you can choose to not have a bow at all. Simply insert your laces into the lace-anchors (comes with the laces) and then just trim the excess laces. It’s that easy.

One-Size-Fits-All – Length: 40” / 100 cm and why this fits

The length of the shoelaces is 40” / 100 cm. The reason why this length fits every kind of shoe, is because you don’t need extra lace for the knot/bow and you simply trim/cut the excess lace after inserting the shoelaces into your shoes.

Benefits of Using no tie laces – The best elastic shoelaces

TIME SAVER – Save time never having to tie your shoes again. We use on average a full month of our life just tying shoelaces. (23 seconds tying x 4 times a day x 365 days a year x 80 years = 31 days!)
SIMPLE & COMFORTABLE – Simply never tie your shoelaces again. Elastic laces provide great comfort and stability.
CLEAN STYLE – NO UGLY BOWS – No tying, no bow, no mess! These laces provide a clean look for any type of shoes and you’ll get rid of that ugly bow + You’ll never get your laces stuck in anything ever again.
FOR ANY SPORT ACTIVITY – Gym goers, hikers, triathletes, athletic people, walkers, golf players, runners, whatever the activity these stretch shoelaces will be perfect.
FOR ANY TYPE OF PERSON – Toddles, Kids/children, adults, seniors, people with disabilities, you name it. These no tie laces cover everyone.
FOR ANY TYPE OF SHOES (NOT HIGH BOOTS) – Sneakers, high-tops, regular shoes, sports shoes, these elastic laces are the perfect replacement for any of them.

No Tie Shoelaces for Adults and toddlers / kids / children – They’ll outlast any pair of shoes

These stretchable shoelaces will outlast your shoes every time. Elastic shoelaces are extremely hard to break. When you pull the laces they simply stretch instead of creating tension (like regular laces does). The fact that you don’t need to tie your laces anymore, means that they will barely deteriorate over time, because you’ll avoid the friction that comes with tying your shoelaces every day.

Easy Installation into Your Shoes

1.    Remove your old laces and insert the new ones.
2.    Insert the lace-anchors that comes with the shoelaces and adjust tension to your preference
3.    Trim the excess laces.
You’ve now turned your shoes into a pair of slip ons. Yes, it’s that simple.

Included in the package:

-    2 shoelaces for each shoe
-    4 lace locks (used for locking the laces if you want bowless shoes)

6 Great reasons to shop with FeetUnique

ONLY QUALITY LACES – Strong and secure laces that you can count on
HUGE SELECTION – Leather, no-tie, flat, oval, round, thin, long, short – We have them all.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t like the shoelaces, we’ll give you a quick and courteous refund – No need to refund the laces.
FREE SHIPPING – No minimum order – Always free shipping worldwide.
100% SECURE PAYMENT – SSL encryption protection. A secure website with 100% secure transactions.
EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE – Efficient and quick responses + Problem-solving solutions > Satisfied happy costumers are our priority.

Frequently asked questions:

Which types of shoes can you use no tie flat elastic shoelaces for?
Sneakers (and high tops sneakers), regular shoes, sports shoes, these elastic laces are the perfect replacement for any of them. Only limitation is that the length impairs them from fitting boots that require very long laces.

Are they comfortable to use?

Absolutely! In fact, they’re much more comfortable than regular laces as the elasticity provides a comfortable snug fit for your feet

How much do they stretch?

They can stretch up to 130%

How long are the shoelaces, and why can you only choose “one-size-fits-all”?
The laces have a universal fit. The length is 40 inch which doesn’t sound like much, but when you don’t need to make a bow it’s more than enough length to cover all types of shoes and high-tops (Not high boots though)

Do they fit toddlers / kids?
Yes! The fit is simply a matter of length of the laces. Since you’ll be trimming/cutting the excessive length after inserting the shoelaces, they will always fit perfectly.

How many eyelets can they fit in comfortably?
It depending on the vertical and horizontal length between each eyelets and how tight you tie the shoelaces. We estimate they’ll fit shoes between 7-9 eyelets.