• No-Tie Shoelaces For Dress Shoes

    Experience the Difference of No-Tie Laces for Dress Shoes

    You've seen a pair of slip-on sneakers. You're probably also familiar with loafers. But at FeetUnique, we like to create something you've never seen before. We make footwear happen that others thought was impossible. With no-tie laces for dress shoes, you can wear a pair of leather shoes and look your best self without the need to bend down and tie or untie your shoes. Welcome to the future.

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    Leather Shoes Become Slip-Ons.

    The concept is simple, but the execution is even simpler. Simply undo the fabric laces that came with your shoes. If they're not frayed and faded yet, they will be. Then insert each side of the silicone laces, both ends featuring a notch that stays in place will allowing for breathability. You'll have your next pair of slip-on shoes in seconds flat. From then on, your days of dealing with shoelaces are over.


    Universal Fit for Daily Comfort and Convenience

    Are you ready to head out the door without a second thought? These fit every pair of shoes while allowing the perfect level of firmness and roominess. This ensures you're both comfortable and confident, even when you're dressed up for work, a date, or a party. That's what fashion is meant to do. That's what no-tie laces for dress shoes deliver.


    Versatile Colors Ready for Every Setting

    Leather shoes are essential for dressing up. The color of the shoelaces are important to. But at the end of the day, the difference between each pair come down to quality, sophistication, and subtly. Select from white, brown, or black no-tie silicone shoelaces for your dress shoes. These are the colors that go well with everything ­– high-end, bold, and easy on the eyes.


    Free delivery and a 100% Guarantee – No Return Shipping Needed!

    We're beyond confident in our shoelaces. We built our entire company around providing affordable, top-of-the-line laces to folks around with world. We don't charge shipping, and we don't make you ship anything either. If you're unsatisfied for any reason, we'll return your money while you get to keep your laces. No-tie laces for dress shoes are probably going to be better than the factory-made shoelaces that come standard in shoes. But at FeetUnique, you know you're dealing with the finest materials and a brand that cares.


    All FeetUnique Laces Are Environmentally Friendly

    Some folks seek out products that are certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, which lets them know the items were made using the eco-friendliest methods possible. Every pair of laces you find here are certified OEKO-TEX®. Otherwise, how can you be sure your purchase isn't doing harm to the earth? At FeetUnique, you can shop with confidence for no-tie laces for dress shoes or whatever pair of shoelaces your feet desire. Who knew owning slip-ons could feel even better!