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    Our specialized footwear brand is proud to present one of its top products – our super comfortable fleece insoles with a cushioning effect. While lambswool provides an excellent warming effect, fleece shouldn’t be underestimated, especially considering how much thinner it is. 

    It’s also more durable than lambswool. The fleece insoles are perforated to let air through, thereby reducing odor and moisture. They eliminate smells and sweat because they contain activated carbon. The insoles stay firmly in place thanks to latex fixing on the bottom and a soft and cradling top layer. 

    Warm Insoles for Boots

    Looking for insoles that get rid of smell and moisture and guarantee extra warmth? Look no farther than our warm insoles for boots. Our fleece insoles will keep your feet warm without taking up too much room in your shoes. The cutting edge technology used to combine superior quality fleece with activated carbon ensures amazing temperature regulation and warmth. 

    The incredible warmth-generating properties of fleece have been known for centuries. Back in World War II, soldiers wore fleece coats to keep warm in subzero temperatures. Fleece helps retain body heat in a natural way, even in the most bitter of winters. Our fleece insoles will make a practical present that a friend or loved one is sure to appreciate and enjoy for many years.   

    Fleece is also one of the most durable materials. In fact, scientific evidence shows it’s the only natural material that will retain its shape without tearing or breaking – even after being bent tens of thousands of times! 

    Another plus of our insoles is that they’ll fit practically any shoe as they’re cut to size. Please keep in mind that they’re not washable. Follow the lines on the back to cut them to fit your shoes, insert them into your shoes, and enjoy their warmth and comfort in cold or even freezing weather conditions. They are effective for all kinds of activities, including sports, hobbies, and work, keeping you warm and dry throughout. 

    Don’t subject your feet to another cruel winter. Order now!

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