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    Blue elastic silicone shoelaces

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    • Turns any shoes into slip-ons
    • Never tie shoelaces again!
    • Dirt-, dust resistant and completely waterproof
    • Elasticity provides a comfortable fit

    Blue no tie silicone shoelaces, turns shoes into slip-ons easily.

    Stop bending over to tie your shoes every day. With blue silicone shoelaces, you can now simply slide your feet into place and be out the door in under a second (Yes, really), all while enjoying a new cool color choice that can push a shoe's impressiveness to new levels. Aren't you ready to have more fun? From putting your shoes on, to admiring them in the mirror, to literally having more free time, these elastic laces simply make life more fun.

    No-tie laces fits every size shoe, from kids to adults.

    If your sneakers or running shoes feature eight pairs of shoe holes (eyelets) or fewer, these will almost definitely fit into your shoes. These elastic silicone laces can stretch to twice their unstretched length, providing a comfortable but secure fit for small and big feet alike. Children, their parents, and adults searching for convenience and personalization, can all enjoy these new type of laces (and they will outlast the shoes).

    Blue silicone strips are quick and simple to install.

    It only takes a few minutes to insert your blue silicone shoelaces into your shoes. This is because they were designed to be as straightforward as possible. Simply pop them into place in order of shortest to longest, making sure both ends of the laces are pushed securely into place. Then slide your foot inside, and you’re good to go!

    Longer-lasting than traditional laces.

    As these shoelaces are made of silicone, they're waterproof and tough to damage or stain. You won't see the kind of stains fabric laces love to attract, but if any dirt or dust manages to stick on your blue silicone shoelaces, they're incredibly easy to clean. A wet cloth and a quick wipe, they’ll be good as new. Laces shouldn't be a concern – with elastic no tie laces, you'll enjoy peace of mind every time you step out the door.

    No-tie shoelaces colors are highly customizable.

    Have you taken a look through our different color options? We have an array of fun and popular colors to choose from, meaning you could wear shoes with two to eight different colors. Any colors of the rainbow are at your disposal, but remember there's nothing wrong with going with just blue, especially if it matches the design of the sneakers or running shoes you already have. Either way your shoes will look amazing after their transformation.

    The perfect balance of style and convenience.

    When it comes to blue no tie silicone shoelaces, the possibilities are solely dependent on your style, lifestyle, and life goals. But no matter who you are, from kids to adults to everyone between, you're getting laces that create fun and unique slip-ons that hold firmly. It won't be long before you decide never to go back to tying old traditional shoelaces again. And who could blame you? These shoelaces are that good.

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