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    Extra wide light gray shoelaces

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    Extra Wide Light Gray Shoelaces Feel as Good as They look

    Make a rock star entrance in your sneakers with extra wide light gray shoelaces. They're like having a smoke machine on call 24-7. These are laces designed to be looked at by a stadium full of people.

    Take a moment to feel the laces when they first arrive. They're durable, yet soft. The color is bright, but it has that foggy shimmer that makes it stand out. And then you'll lace them up, slide your foot in, and you'll be walking on fluffy clouds the rest of your days.

    That's right, you'll be floating high in the sky. Not just because your laces are comfortable, either. What's the easiest way to enter a party? No, not with alcohol. There's nothing like knowing these light gray laces on your light blue shoes make you the best-looking person there. Or having a pair of dark sneakers with the thick trail of light gray laced across the top? Please… You'll be unstoppable!

    Seriously, get ready for everyone to suddenly believe in love at first sight. That's the kind of looks we're dealing with here.

    Where there's smoke, there's fire. That's just a fact. And it makes sense too, because with extra wide light gray shoelaces on, you're going to look hot as hell.

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    Product Code: 12M-Flat-LightGrey
    Can stretch 16%
    Width: 1/2 inch
    Made of high quality polyester
    OEKO-TEX® Certificate Approved