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Round orange shoelaces

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The Hand-Picked Freshness of Round Orange Shoelaces

Like picking fresh fruit off a tree, these round orange shoelaces instantly fresh-up a pair of boots. And laced up through high-top sneakers, you're basically a walking ode to basketball.

But on athletic kicks? Please. There'd be a great chance you'd become the freshest person who's ever lived, but that award already belongs to Bruce Lee.

A lot of people think orange is yellow and red mixed together, but it's actually its own color on the visible light spectrum. It's the color astronauts wear to go places humans have never been. No other word rhymes with it. Without it, there's a low chance that ROY-G-BIV would be a memory trick.

Yeah, orange is just one-of-a-kind.

It's also a color that'll go with your shoes while still being a leading figure, which makes sense. Orange takes over the sky during sunrise and sunset, and it dominates the landscape of the Northeastern in the fall. And you'll take over any occasion when you step into it rocking a color that's such a perfect balance of being vibrant yet easy on the eyes.

So unless your shoes are orange (which would look sick, don't get us wrong), these laces are going to pop, drawing eyes to your sneaker game like few colors could.

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Product Code: 4M-Round-Orange
Width: 1/6 inch
Commonly used with boots
Made of high quality polyester
Can stretch 16%
OEKO-TEX® Certificate Approved