• Shoe wipes (2 wipes)

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    The best time to clean your shoes? When the laces are removed. Beyond not damaging the laces themselves, you're able to get into the shoe's grooves and edges to ensure a deep clean that lasts. Chances are, you purchased new shoelaces to bring your footwear to the next level. While high-quality laces do exactly that, people will always notice a shoe covered in smudges. Get the most for your money with these convenient plant wax wipes.


    You don't need a jar of polish, additional tools, or specialty paper. But your footwear is also too important for a damp rag. When you're making your shoes better, we make it easy to take things one step further, and make your shoes look brand new again.

    These organic, plant wax wipes make it easy to clean and polish footwear, delivering an added layer of protection. They work great for shoes and sneakers of any kind, making smudges disappear while leaving behind a fresh gleam. And don’t worry, that hint of citrus smell goes away quickly, meaning it's just a little treat for you.

    Important note: These wipes may slightly alter or darken your shoes because they contain organic plant wax. Most likely you will not even notice the difference though.

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