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    Super wide black shoelaces

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    Super Wide Black Shoelaces Amplify Sneakers

    Take your sneakers down a new road with super wide black shoelaces, where the first stop is luxurious footwear, and the rest of the journey is filled with new opportunities.

    New opportunities? Thanks to shoelaces? That can't be true.

    Well, it is true.

    With these laces, you can walk up to the security guard at a nightclub, point down at your laces, and watch as you get let right through the velour rope. Your name doesn't have to be on any list anymore. Waiting in lines just became a thing of the past.

    Enter any meeting room in any office, interrupt them by putting a foot up on the table, and get ready to become their next CEO.

    Black is the color of notes across sheet music. It's the color of your phone screen when it's on sleep mode. It's the color of a dark tunnel that you can't see the end of. On their own, those things don't mean much. But lace up your shoes and start playing the music, surfing your handheld supercomputer, or entering into the excitement of the unknown, and suddenly, they become something incredible.

    Super wide black shoelaces don't mean much as a picture on a website. But just wait until they're tied up in your sneakers and become something incredible.

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    Product Code: 18M-Flat-Black
    Made of high quality polyester
    Width: 6/9"