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Super wide dark gray shoelaces

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Super Wide Dark Gray Shoelaces Are for the Cleverly Stylish

Super wide dark gray shoelaces are what wise sneaker fans slide into their shoes. It's the kind of footwear accessory people show respect to.

But that's not to say these are for old people (well, cool old people, maybe.)

No, these are for the skaters who give life-changing advice. They're for the basketball players who set up the perfect play instead of taking a wild shot. They're the kind of shoes where you'll be having fun at a party, someone will suggest that "we all go out to the bars," and you just kick your feet up and say: "What's wrong with staying here?"

Guess who the rest of the party is going to agree with? You. That's who.

Super wide dark gray shoelaces are the same color as a TV screen that you know is on even though it's not playing anything. That used to be black and white static, but we've since condensed it into one, fluid, dark gray color. It's that perfect starting point, where you're about to step into the vibrant unknown of whatever might be on cable.

And that's exactly what stepping outside with these laces on feels like – you might not know where you're going, but at least you'll know it'll be entertaining, and that you'll feel like the smartest person in the room.

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Product Code: 18M-Flat-DarkGrey
Width: 6/9"
Made of high quality polyester