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round dress green shoelaces

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Round Dress Green Shoelaces Offer a Wealth of Style

You've gone too long not looking like money from head to toe – and our round dress green shoelaces help dress shoes look like a broken ATM machine spitting out hundred-dollar bills.

They say that with no risk, there's no reward. But what about the sure things? It's true that there are few of those in life, and usually, whenever someone says, "It's a sure thing," it's always a cousin from out of town. You haven't talked to them in years. And suddenly they're pitching you an "awesome" new investment opportunity.

These laces are not that!

Instead, they're a real-life version of a sure thing, and not just because of our money-back guarantee (in case they don't blow away your expectations). These are premium laces, every thread designed to earn every penny they cost. Once they're tied, they never come undone no matter how stressful the situation. The matchless vividness of their coloration makes it possible to walk into the boss's office, put your feet up on the desk, point at the laces, and ask for a raise.

In fact, we'd bet that the doors to opportunities your round dress green shoelaces will open will more than compensate for their first-class price tag.

Whether it's business formal or business casual, these laces make things happen like it's nobody's business.

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Product Code: 3M-Classic-Green
Thin wax-layer
Made of cotton
Stretch 0%
Width: 1/9 inch
OEKO-TEX® Certificate Approved
Commonly used with dress shoes