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    Round black & red laces

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    Round Black and Red Shoelaces Are the Peak of Sleek

    Round black and red shoelaces are how you separate your boots from a far less exciting pair, but no matter what type of shoes you're rocking, these laces will make your feet look like they recently ran up a wall and did a backflip.

    Warning: if you lace these up in a pair of Heelys, you might get pulled over for speeding.

    When black and red get together, you never know what's going to happen. Are we just going to play a nice, relaxing game of Checkers? Maybe. We also might be entering the mega-computer of a cybernetic overlord to save the universe from certain destruction. It's day to day with these two colors.

    This is the pattern of a snake that you shouldn't go near. If you see a pit viper that looks like your new, very badass pair of shoelaces, steer clear.

    And what color shoe should these laces slither through? Is there a singular color that goes well with this fearsome black and red pattern? We know that black and white sneakers could handle them. Black and red boots? Now that's a quadruple doubler made in heaven. So who knows, maybe no singular color could handle them on their own. I guess you'd have to be brave enough to try it.

    All we know is that our round black and red shoelaces offer an intensity that's ready to match your own.

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    Product Code: 4M-Round-Black-Red
    OEKO-TEX® Certificate Approved
    Width: 1/6 inch
    Can stretch 16%
    Made of high quality polyester
    Commonly used with boots