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round dress black shoelaces

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Round Dress Black Shoelaces Are a Definitive Choice

Round dress black shoelaces are a true classic, designed for dress shoes, but elegant additions to shoes no matter the type.

Going to work or attending a conference? Check. A company picnic? Oh, yeah. And what about a wedding? While the couple shares their love, so too will you and your laces.

How much do you spend on your ties? You're not going to match them with a high-end pair of laces? If you don't think that's going to come up when the bosses are going over who's getting a bonus, maybe these laces aren't for you.

Round dress black shoelaces are both a safe and a bold choice, showcasing a strong sense of humility while being premium laces that are actually comparable to the shoe quality.

Never know when you might meet a new connection? Good. Then you found the right laces for you.

They say a first impression is everything. But what about the first impression of yourself, right before you step out the door in the morning? Everything is exactly how it should be, and the last thing that needs doing is lacing up your shoes. It's an underrated last step, and it should match your standards, just like everything else.     

You can't argue with a classic – and considering other colors of dress laces would be doing exactly that.

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Product Code: 3M-Classic-Black
Thin wax-layer
Made of cotton
Stretch 0%
Width: 1/9 inch
OEKO-TEX® Certificate Approved
Commonly used with dress shoes