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    Elastic lock neon yellow shoelaces

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    • Easily adjustable tension
    • Turns any shoes into slip-ons
    • Doesn't fray or break
    • Get a unique look
    • One size fits all
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    Elastic Lock Black and Yellow Shoelaces Are Buzzing with Energy

    It's going to sting other runners to see you sprint past them, but with elastic lock black and yellow shoelaces in your sneakers, you'll just have to get used to being faster than everyone else.

    Forget bumblebees, these laces are like hornets. They don't give honey to everyone, they're only in it for themselves, ensuring that whoever wears them becomes a high-performance athletic machine…who can run fast enough to get airborne.

    These laces are also like hornets because, well, people might stay away from you while you're working out. No one is going to want to be compared to how well you're doing. But once you're done working out? We can absolutely guarantee that people will approach you and ask about these laces. Not only do they look awesome, they'll make your athleticism awe-inspiring.

    We bet most people haven't even thought to adjust their laces in relation to the exercise they're about to perform. But it's hugely important. It can be the difference between an extra minute off your mile, or an extra two-hundred pounds on your barbell.

    And with these, it's as easy as pressing the button, pulling the laces, and getting it done.

    Put simply, in elastic lock yellow and black shoelaces, you're going to be flying.

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    Product Code: 3M-E-NeonYellow
    Width: 1/8 inch