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    Extra wide white shoelaces

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    Your Sneaks Deserve Extra Wide White Shoelaces

    Extra wide white shoelaces are for customized shoe fanatics, those who understand how important the laces are to the overall look of the sneaker.

    Why do we make shoelaces extra wide? It's to create extra wide reactions. Seeing your sneaks will make them smile extra wide, admire them for extra long, and make their eyes grow extra wide. They'll start clapping for your shoes without even realizing it. It happens every time. (or so we’ve heard)

    These laces feature the white of freshly made paper. The white of the keys of a piano. They're as white as the stars in the sky. This is the kind of eye-catching color addition that instantly makes sneakers the stars of the show.

    Extra wide laces in general take up most of what people can see of your shoe. That's why the quality and style is so important. It's why some of us sneaker fans spend our entire lives trying to find the perfect pair of laces. Thankfully, your look is over.

    Now, the rest of your life can be spent noticing how great your feet look and feel. Enjoy!

    These laces are comfortable, and they will complete your look. So I guess that's where the age-old expression comes from: "You don't love your sneakers until they have extra wide white shoelaces."

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