• Elastic flat hot pink shoelaces (no tie)

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    • Doesn't fray or break
    • Turns any shoes into slip-ons
    • Never tie shoelaces again!
    • Elasticity provides a comfortable fit

    Hot pink no tie elastic flat shoelaces instantly turns your shoes into slip-ons.

    If you like your shoes to look great but you don't enjoy having to tie or untie them every time, then hot pink no tie elastic flat shoelaces were made specifically for you. No matter what kind of shoes you have (except for tall boots), these will easily fit anyone of them. They're easy to replace with your old worn out laces, and after insertion you have yourself a brand new pair of slip ons. Never tie your shoelaces. ever. again!

    Secure fit with elastic comfort.

    The firm but comfortable 130% stretch of these elastic laces ensures that any lifestyle is uninterrupted by your new slip ons. In fact, currently your life is being interrupted every time you're untying or tying your shoes. If you're a daily runner, you won't believe how your these laces will stay secure the whole time. Kids and children will love the ease, and adults will be excited about the convenience. So why not buy a pair for the whole family? One-size-fits-all, after all so no need to worry about sizing.

    Your laces will last longer than the shoes - We guarantee it.

    The elastic material makes these laces last longer than regular fabric and leather, so we guarantee they'll outlast the shoes you lace them into. If for any reason they break, we'll ship you new ones right away. For free. That's how sure we are.

    Designed to give your shoes a bold hot pink.

    The flat design of our laces will really make your shoes look hot pink, even if the rest of the shoe is mostly white or black. Which, of course, is perfect for anyone with a dull pair of shoes, as well as those with a shoe pattern that already has some hot pink in it.
    Put simply - you're looking for the best no tie shoelaces and you've found them. The only question left is: Are these the right color laces for you? We think so too.

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