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    Heel Support insoles are an innovative, high-quality product specifically designed to help people whose legs aren’t the same length, either since birth or due to surgery. They relieve heel pain and are a sound option if you have problems with the back of your feet rubbing against your shoes. As the name indicates, they lift the heel, which is how that rubbing is avoided.

    Heel Support inserts are great for conditions such as Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. People suffering from these issues can also experience pain in their knees, hips or back because they don’t have the right foot position.     

    They can also help with heel spurs, although our Heel Support Plus inserts are even better for that. In fact, they our Heel Support Plus are specifically made for heel spurs. These absorb shock at the heel and provide superior cushioning.

    Best Insoles for heel pain

    People who are or have experienced pain in the Achilles tendon, a condition that often transforms into tendonitis or chronic inflammation of the tendon, will benefit from them immensely. They are also helpful if you’re looking for something to lift your heel and relieve pain.

    Lifting the heel shortens the tendon, thereby taking pressure off it. This is easy to understand. If you try placing your foot on the ground and lift your forefoot, you’ll feel an unpleasant stretching of the tendon along the back of your heel almost immediately. This is the opposite of what we want. Lifting the heel will move your foot’s contact point with the ground and cushion it from heel impact when you are moving around.

    Best Insoles for leg length differences

    The solution to annoying scraping on the back of the foot is surprisingly simple. It only needs to be lifted the proper way. You change your foot’s angle and the point, to which your shoe grips when walking. In case of a difference between leg lengths, you can place this heel support insole in the shoe of your short leg to balance this difference out.

    These insoles will fit any shoe. Simply place the heel support insert in the back of your shoe. They are made of real vegetable tanned leather, a highly durable material that will cushion your feet well while also absorbing and eliminating moisture and sweat. There’s no better material you can make orthopedic insoles of. 

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